Unconditioned Mind – Life (5/5)

June 15, 2014 // 1 Comment

So the responsibility is on your shoulders to refuse to accept temptation. So we are back at the Garden of Eden. The tempter appears with the belief of good and evil, and when you have accepted Adam and Eve, right away you are outside the Garden of Eden. We are presented with good and evil in many forms, and you’d be surprised how many millions of forms. And sometimes we can stand there and say, “I won’t accept you,” but then John Jones comes along, and we accept about him, and we have fallen into the trap. [...]

Unconditioned Mind – Life (4/5)

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The nature of protective work must be your realization that there are not two powers because all you ever have to protect yourself from is the belief in good and evil – two powers. We call that mortal mind or carnal mind. Therefore, you must protect yourself from carnal mind or mortal mind by knowing that it isn’t mind, but a belief in two powers. Then, rest in that word. [...]

Unconditioned Mind – Life (3/5)

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But for those of you who have witnessed these metaphysical and spiritual healings, you would no longer say that you have faith. You have something more than faith. You have knowledge. You have conviction. You have an awareness of the truth because you have experienced it, and what you have experienced you really know. [...]

Unconditioned Mind – Life (2/5)

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That is why mind can affect matter. That’s why truth in consciousness can affect matter. That is why when mind, which of itself is not conditioned, but when mind is imbued with truth, it becomes a law of harmony unto all effect. [...]

Unconditioned Mind – Life (1/5)

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But metaphysicians do know this. The metaphysicians of all schools, of all approaches know, and I think the basis of all of them is that there is only one mind, but none of them practice it because when it comes down to actual practice, there is a divine mind, and there is a mortal mind, and a human mind. And while the claim, or the original teaching was that there is one mind, yet always the practitioner looks at your mind to see what’s wrong with you. But actually, it is true that there is only one mind, and that mind is the mind of individual being. It is your mind and my mind. There is only one mind in this room. [...]

Specific Principles(5/5)

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God is the fortress, God is the temple, God is . . . God IS . . . and that is enough to know. . . God IS.  That is, of course, our work in The Infinite Way.  Once you realize God is individual being, as we had in the first hour of work, and then realize that you are talking about this I that is at the center of your being, you are dwelling in the secret place of the most high.  When you, then, know that you don't need the power of God for overcoming, for there is nothing to overcome, all that the world has embraced in the terminology of evil, you have consigned to the term carnal mind or nothingness; the arm of flesh, or nothingness.  So you have nothing to combat, nothing to use God for.  The Lord IS my shepherd, I shall not want for anything. [...]

Specific Principles (4/5)

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Never forget, God is your true identity, and God is in the midst of you.  You need no longer seek for God or for truth.  You can read and enjoy any passage of truth that may be presented to you.  It may be in this Bible, it may be in the Koran, it may be in the Vedanta, it may be in the Hindu writings, the Chinese writings, the Japanese writings.  It will really make no difference to you, for in all of them you will find certain passages of truth, and you will love them and they will inspire you and they will be renewed life to you.  So it is that you no longer have to read for your life, for your health, for your supply.  Read only for inspiration because all truth came out of illumined consciousness. [...]

Specific Principles (3/5)

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  Now Jesus Christ is a Hebrew Rabbi, preaching in the Hebrew Synagogue, but somewhere along the line, he too has revelation.  I am the bread.  I am life eternal. I'm not seeking a God, I'm not praying to a God.  I am the way, I am the truth.  I am in the midst of me is God, closer to me than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.  Why am I searching this world for God?  Why am I looking for truth?  Why am I seeking a way?   I am is the way.   I am is the truth.  I am is life eternal.  I am is the spirit in the midst of me, the teacher, the savior, the Christ, the comforter. [...]

Specific Principles (2/5)

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And the second passage was, “My kingdom is not of this world,” and so I knew that you must never try to demonstrate money or a home or companionship.  You must never try to demonstrate holidays or vacations or automobiles or even transportation because the spiritual kingdom has nothing to do with this world. Yet, when you attain the spiritual kingdom, all of the things of this world are right there for your use.  They are the added things. [...]

Specific Principles (1/5)

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There is no way to explain it.  Those who meditate eventually will realize that I am I, and then they will know that I am I, eternally and immortally.  Whether or not they remember past experiences is of absolutely no importance.  You, at this particular minute, probably do not know any of your past experiences, and may never even have thought that you had them. On the other hand, there are those who, through spiritual development, are made aware of their past experience – and yet, not necessarily of all of the experiences of the past, but probably the experience of one particular lifetime, or two or three or four, as the occasion may require.  Now, as a person develops spiritually, and a spiritual work is given them to do, they are provided with everything necessary for their experience, and if it is necessary for them to know something of their past experience, or the why and wherefore of their present experience, it is revealed to them. [...]