The on-line services mentioned in this menu are set up in a way that you can choose whatever works for you at this time. All of the services are offerings of healing and awakening.


A Treatment by Practitioner Wim is brought about in different ways. (1) You can ask for a silent treatment. We make an appointment for a date and time where you can relax and meditate and you are being offered the treatment. (2) You can have a one on one video call using, Skype or Whatsapp and we spend some quiet time and see what is given in the moment for healing. (duration between 30-45 minutes)

Healing Session

This is for the one’s that experience something is in there way and needs to be resolved. Themes like health, relationships, experiencing lack, homelessness are often dealt with in the healing session. (duration: 30-45 minutes)

Transformational Coaching

During this service, we take a look at where you find yourself in terms of your awakening. Are you aware that you are dreaming? Are you in communication with your Holy Spirit? Are you aware of the Now? How can you practically be living by Grace? (duration per session 60 min.)

Practitioner Training

The Practitioner Training is a very personal training. It will confront you with where you find yourself in your awakening. It offers a lot of tools to use to set up your Spirit communication. It will help you to see you are responsible for your dream. It will show you the obstacles you put up in order to experience a direct communication with God.It will offer many exercises to return to the Presence. ( duration minimal 3×1 hour)

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