You are wholeheartedly invited to use the donation based, online services below. In a moment of healing, something you have been carrying can be dropped in an instant. There is no need to suffer or struggle. By returning to the Memory of this Presence, you remember your Perfection, even for an instant, you are healed. That moment has infinite healing Power.

Free consultation

It is always possible to have a 20 minute consultation with me. It can be a great help.

Healing Session – in stillness

• during the session, take time for an undisturbed moment by yourself for 20 – 30 minutes.
• close your eyes and relax,
• turn within like you would do in a moment of meditation.
• allow yourself to deeply become still

Suggested donation $20

Healing Session

Approx. 50 minutes.

  • We set up a time for an online appointment using Zoom or WhatsApp
  • When we meet you can share what you feel like sharing in how you experience yourself
  • We take time for a quiet, inward, relaxation of love and light
  • If words need to be shared, they will

Suggested donation $50

3 One-on-One meetings

3 x 60 minutes + audio’s of the meeting‘s

  • We set up a time for an online meeting using Zoom or WhatsApp
  • In a moment of deep Connection, we allow healing to take place
  • You receive an audio recording after each meeting

Suggested donation $100 (for 3 meetings)

You can make a donation here

Voluntary Donation

Thank you for your support


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