The Infinite Way

Meet Wim

Meet Wim

Wim Haverkamp assists you in your awakening. He offers classes, healing and other services. The video’s and materials you find on the website and channel, reflect Wim’s journey. (see About My Journey) The Iwihub Youtube channel has more than 3 million views. Many viewers have a loving appreciation for all the Infinite Way – Joel S. Goldsmith video’s that are presented.

As result of following amazing guidance and by Wim’s acceptance of this Certainty, in the Present Moment, he offers Christ vision to everyone he meets using the Healing Principles of the Infinite Way.

On a daily basis Wim is called from all over the globe for practitioner treatment and many participants discover this way, the incredible healing power of forgiving Love. Wim is able to listen with his heart and can direct you intuitively and knowingly to places in you that you have used to try to hide from your Self.

For many of us is the offered remembrance of the Present Moment an experience of truly coming Home to the Core of their Being. Welcome Home!

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