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Thank you for taking time to read this. I like to introduce myself. I had an overwhelming awakening experience a quarter of a century ago (see YouTube video)and a new continuum was born, a whole new way of being present was given me. I was not able to function anymore as a human being, like I was used to before. I started to let Love guide me on a moment by moment basis and the development of this website, the YouTube channels, the events that are set up etc. etc. is part of that too. It evolves by itself. The only thing I do is listening and giving to that.

My personal life. I live in the Netherlands with partner and child, in a house, in a street. Love to make music, video’s and photographs. Love to travel and ride a mountain bike in nature.


On a daily basis I am available . To provide support, to join in light, to heal, to laugh, to dance and above all to listen and connect with you. Help can be asked for on this website through Whatsapp/email etc. See below and see “SERVICES” for more information.

Healing Services, Online seminars and E-learning

See the EVENTS page of the menu for the actual classes that are provided. The idea of ‘mentorship’ is not what you think. The way I see this function is when you need someone to walk with you on your path for a while, I am available and it will just happen that we talk and share and join in the way that works for you. Just know that what I present here on this page is an extension of myself. I am certainly not running a business. My discovery is that giving and receiving are the same and happening at the same time. In that I can never experience lack of any kind and discover that I am provided for in a beautiful way. I am very grateful for everything that is revealed to me. Never hesitate to get in touch with me.. Thank you

Wim, Iwihub.com

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