Iwihub The Infinite Way is located in the Netherlands.

If you have a question or want to get in touch, you are invited to use the form below or chat using WhatsApp here:

Thank you for everything!

Wim Haverkamp, Iwihub.com

9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I am new to this teaching, but I know that the Spirit of God has led me to you all. Meditation has been resonating from the Spirit of God in me, I know nothing about meditation, because we have been taught so wrong in the religious and systematic church. I too have left the system, and been out for many years. I sense that am missing something! Can you direct me where to start; or maybe I have started already!


  2. Hi Wim, it’s good to connect with you – I’ve been studying The Infinite Way for many years and am enjoying the tape recordings on YouTube. Are you responsible for this wonderful service?


  3. I have been studying the IW for quite a while in books, I have only recently become aware of your site and the tapes that you have shared. Are you a practitioner or do you have a list of active practitioners? I thank you for your work!


    1. Thank you for contacting. Yes I am a Practitioner. You are most welcome to book a session. Thank you


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