Iwihub Healing & Awakening is located in the Netherlands.

If you have a question or want to get in touch, you are invited to use the form below or chat using WhatsApp here:

Thank you for everything!

Wim Haverkamp,


  1. Just FYI you may want to correct your site. Joel left the Christian Science church in 1945, I believe. He wrote and self-published The Infinite Way shortly after he left Christian Science. DeVorss published The Infinite Way in 1947 which they would have done only if the demand warranted it. So 1954 is an incorrect date for leaving Christian Science. Perhaps it is a typo and you meant 1945.

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    1. Hi Susan, thank you for your comment. The recordings and transcripts I am posting are from the time his talks were recorded. This started in 1950, 3 years after he published “The Infinite Way”. Yes, he left the Christian Science Church before that 1947.
      Thank you


  2. I am new to this teaching, but I know that the Spirit of God has led me to you all. Meditation has been resonating from the Spirit of God in me, I know nothing about meditation, because we have been taught so wrong in the religious and systematic church. I too have left the system, and been out for many years. I sense that am missing something! Can you direct me where to start; or maybe I have started already!


  3. Hi Wim, it’s good to connect with you – I’ve been studying The Infinite Way for many years and am enjoying the tape recordings on YouTube. Are you responsible for this wonderful service?


  4. I have been studying the IW for quite a while in books, I have only recently become aware of your site and the tapes that you have shared. Are you a practitioner or do you have a list of active practitioners? I thank you for your work!


    1. Thank you for contacting. Yes I am a Practitioner. You are most welcome to book a session. Thank you


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