The Subliminal Activity of the Universal Mind

#15 – Wisdoms of the Infinite Way
Be at peace: God IS.
From the book – The Infinite Way
Joel S. Goldsmith

From Living Between Two Worlds
By Joel Goldsmith
Excerpt from the chapter: The Operation of the “Arm of Flesh”
The Subliminal Activity of the Universal Mind
Anyone who comes to the realization that the operation of this carnal mind of man is not a law and does not function as law begins to set himself free from its operation, and bit by bit the effects of its acceptance begin to disappear because an externalized condition is maintained by the belief that supports it. Remove the belief and there is no externalized condition. It is like a picture on a screen. Remove the film and there is no picture on the screen. Remove the picture from mind, that is, the picture of material law, and immediately the externalized picture begins to disappear. The moment we realize that from a human standpoint we are antennas for the universal human mind and then assume dominion by understanding that all these so-called laws that operate as law are not law, we begin to nullify them in our experience. Much healing work is accomplished just by nullifying the action of the carnal mind, by knowing its nothingness, not fighting it.
To fight the carnal mind is to acknowledge it as having the power of law, but in our recognition of the fact that the only power that has law is that which comes from the Infinite, we are functioning from quite a different base. Nobody has ever been able to nullify the law of love; nobody has ever been able to nullify the law of truth; nobody has ever been able to nullify the law of life. These continue because they have their basis in the Infinite, in Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience.
Anything that has the law of Infinity behind it cannot be destroyed. We cannot alter or destroy truth no matter what kind of mental manipulation we engage in, and so, in proportion as we consciously nullify the effects of the universal carnal mind, we make ourselves subject to Infinity, to the divine Consciousness. Then we are the antenna, the outlet and the inlet, for good.

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