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Tape 278 Side 1
Unconditioned Mind – Life
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 5 of 5

Every truth, that was known of old was practiced and brought forth fruitage. It’s been lost, rediscovered, produced more fruitage, lost, and so it has been, always. Every bit of esoteric knowledge, wisdom, spiritual wisdom, was meant to fulfill the words of the Master, not because he said it, but long before he said it. The Word must become flesh. It must! Spiritual wisdom must be tangible. It must bear fruit in our earthly experience. But it can’t if we don’t become consciously aware of it.
There is an infinity of mathematics to be known, but it will remain up here in space until an individual brings it through. There is an infinity of knowledge about aerodynamics, television, all of the discovered and undiscovered inventions and sciences and arts of the future all exist up here. They only come through in proportion as an individual opens their consciousness to them.
So with spiritual truth. Esoteric truth remains something hidden behind the universe until it takes form in consciousness. Then it produces an effect in the outer world. Therefore, as ye know the truth, this truth will free you of all mortal conditions, mortal mind conditions, which means all conditions conditioned with good and evil.
Every bit of truth you know will help to set you free from some phase of good or evil, until in the ascension you attain the fullness of that spiritual life in which you no longer live, Christ liveth my life. Unconditioned Spirit, Soul, expresses Itself as my being, my body, my business, my home, my relationships.
There is no good mind. There is no bad mind. There is no carnal mind and there is no mortal mind. There is only mind, unconditioned, pure. Make this your shibboleth, your password, your key. There is only one mind, unconditioned, pure, eternal, infinite, and its forms and formations, manifestations, expressions, body, is as unconditioned, harmonious and free as the mind which is its essence, and then you will find that in all experiences, you will bring forth harmony.
This is not only knowing the truth, this is praying, and it is necessary to pray without ceasing. It is not only praying, it is practicing the presence of God, because it is practicing the presence of truth. It is really practicing truth. Only in proportion to your practice can the fruitage be.
In a sense it is meditating because it is pondering truth or reality, thinking upon, cogitating, even concentrating on truth – prayer, treatment, practicing the presence, meditation, just depending on how we approach this practice. If we sit down in a chair, close our eyes, turn inwardly, expectantly, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth,” and truth comes forth, that is a communion, and that is a deeper level than meditation.
Meditation, more especially contemplative meditation, is taking a truth such as we have had tonight and pondering it, thinking about it, repeating it over and over within ourselves, rolling it under the tongue, thinking of its meaning, thinking of its application. This is a contemplative meditation. Thinking about it during the course of our day’s work is a practicing the presence. It is treatment. It is praying without ceasing.
And you see, this is the only way to live until such time as a transition takes place in consciousness, and we pass from one state of life to another in which we no longer think or declare these things, but in which these truths keep coming through from some infinite invisible source.
We don’t try to analyze why, where, how. We know that the Master said the kingdom of God is within us. We know that a mystical poet said that it is “closer to us than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.” We know that mystically truth is within ourselves and “we must open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape.” We know all this, but even after it happens we know no more about it than that.
But it does happen, but before it can happen there must be those years of preparation, the years in which we abide in the Word and let the Word abide in us, in which we dwell in the secret place of the Word consciously. After the experience, it’s done without effort, without taking thought.
Now, to enlarge on that for just a moment, please remember that life is unconditioned. There is no such thing as a new life or an old life, nor is there a diseased life or a healthy life. Life is unconditioned and you must train yourself to get used to the idea that life is unconditioned. Don’t try to condition it. Don’t try to have it good or evil. Don’t try to have it up or down, longer or shorter, for there is no such thing and if you do, you are conditioning it by accepting the universal belief of good and evil. If you don’t accept the belief of good and evil, your life is not conditioned. Your mind is not conditioned.
When Jesus refused to accept the temptation of the devil, he was unconditioned. He was pure and perfect. Had he accepted one of those temptations, he would have been conditioned. The conditioning would have been bad, too. You know that. It would have been a bad conditioning, but as long as he did not accept the temptation, he remained unconditioned.
So that the tempter stands before us with a belief of good and evil. We have something called I. We all have the ability to say:
Thus far and no further. Get thee behind me Satan. I am accepting no conditioning of my life, or my mind, or my soul, or my body. My life, my mind, my soul is unconditioned, unfettered, free. It knows neither good nor evil. There is only God being, pure Spirit, pure Soul, pure Light.
So the responsibility is on your shoulders to refuse to accept temptation. So we are back at the Garden of Eden. The tempter appears with the belief of good and evil, and when you have accepted Adam and Eve, right away you are outside the Garden of Eden. We are presented with good and evil in many forms, and you’d be surprised how many millions of forms. And sometimes we can stand there and say, “I won’t accept you,” but then John Jones comes along, and we accept about him, and we have fallen into the trap.