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Tape 278 Side 1
Unconditioned Mind – Life
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 5

The nature of protective work must be your realization that there are not two powers because all you ever have to protect yourself from is the belief in good and evil – two powers. We call that mortal mind or carnal mind. Therefore, you must protect yourself from carnal mind or mortal mind by knowing that it isn’t mind, but a belief in two powers. Then, rest in that word.
You see, it is really fruitless to change disease into health, knowing as we do that the very next day, week, or month some other condition of ill, health or accident is on the horizon, and if nothing else is – age is. It just looks like postponing the inevitable. But, to stop this attempt to change ill health into good health, you must realize why. You are not interested in good health that can become bad health, young health that can become old health. You’re interested in living a life by grace, which knows neither good health nor bad health, which knows only the continuity of harmonious being.
We can think of it this way. A person with a healthy heart never thinks about a healthy heart, or even desiring one. Normally, people know nothing about their blood system and give no thought to it. They are not looking for good blood, and they are not worrying about it. They just are enjoying normalcy without taking thought. Well, the ultimate of our life is when we take no thought for our life, whether for our health or whether for our supply, and let God life live Itself as our life, without our taking thought – actually living: He performeth that which is given us to do.
Can you imagine what your days would be if you awakened, in the morning, with that one thought – He performeth that which is given me to do – and then all through the day, regardless of what came into your experience, what problem arose, what work, what activity, that instantly would come to thought – He performeth – and then you would rest back in that word. You would rest in that word.
So it is, as you begin to perceive that mind is unconditioned, neither good nor evil, your thoughts never turn on the subject of good and evil. They are just living, living each circumstance of life as it comes along. It is called detachment. In other words, it does not mean withdrawing from the world. It means living each experience without trying to cling to it if it seems good, without trying to get rid of it if it seems evil, but going right through, being in the world but not of it.
Now, it is only when we are trying to cling to something or to somebody that we are attached; or trying to cling to a condition, or get rid of a condition, we are really attached to that which we are trying to get rid of. And that is why we cannot get rid of it. We are attached to getting rid of it.
To understand this principle, actually takes all of the mystery out of matter. True, ah yes, true, there are secrets which the laboratory will reveal. There are secrets which the laboratory already has revealed about matter; secrets which mathematics revealed to Mr. Einstein. But, when all of these secrets have been revealed, they will be of the very nature of mind. Now, the very moment that you think of mind in terms of your mind, or my mind, you have missed the point.
In these experiments at Duke University with cards and dice – all of this is based on your mind, or the student’s mind. Now you know if one of those students ever rolled the dice 100 times and came up 100 times with 7, it still wouldn’t prove anything, except that one individual had conditioned himself with sufficient faith and belief in himself to do that, and it would have no effect on you or me or the rest of the world. It would prove nothing of a universal nature except that any individual can be what they want to be, and that we have known anyhow. Born in a log cabin and he gets to be President of the United States. Born in a millionaire’s home and ends in prison. We can be whatever we want to be. We do not need any experiments to prove that.
But, once they begin to understand that mind is universal, and that there is only one mind, then we all do anything we want to do which is in keeping with God’s law, and none of us will ever do anything that we want to do unless it is in keeping with God’s law. It will never be your will or my will. It will be Thy will. And so it is with us, that the minute we surrender personal will, it is then that this unconditioned mind can operate in us and through us.
As long as we condition with our beliefs of good and evil, we will bring forth in proportion to our own belief or faith. As ye believe so will it be done unto you. As a man thinketh in his heart, as a man becomes convinced, so is it unto him. In other words, conditioning – and you can condition yourself for good or for evil. But when you leave the realm of conditioning, you are in the realm of that mind which was also in Christ Jesus. Do you not see that He never had the will to heal anybody? It was his Father’s will that was being performed through him.
And it wasn’t healing. It was this very act of the Master’s mind. He knew that it wasn’t his mind, but the Father’s mind, and he knew It wasn’t conditioned. Therefore, he could say to a blind man: Open your eyes. He could say to the crippled man: What did hinder you?
In other words, there is no conditioned condition in his consciousness. There was only unconditioned mind, which was neither good nor evil, neither healthy nor sick, neither poor nor rich.
This is truth, but you can only make it truth in your experience by ye knowing this truth, praying it without ceasing, applying it, if you want to use that term, applying it to every appearance that faces you – on the street, at home, in school, in the factory, in the market – always keeping before you unconditioned mind is formed as unconditioned effect, and any appearance of good or evil is nothing but a belief of good or evil, and watch the beliefs of good and evil as they disappear.
Even in the simplest things it applies, as well as . . . that is why I say healing isn’t really the main thing; healing is only one way of exhibiting it, but it shows itself forth in living.
I had to go out into the suburbs today, and I took a taxi cab, and when I got there I was just about to turn away when it popped right into my head to speak to the driver and say, “Where do I get a taxi cab going back?”
“Oh,” he said, “you can’t. You are out of town and there won’t be any passing here unless you can get one from town.”
“Oh,” I said, “that makes it a little difficult doesn’t it?” And then he looked at me and said, “Oh, would you like me to come back for you?”
But you see, the unconditioned mind operated first to bring me to the point of asking, and then it operated, second, for that unconditioned mind to be his mind and be willing to come out into the suburbs to get me and bring me back.
Now it was not taking thought, and it wasn’t giving treatment, nor was there any conscious thought about any part of that. Every single bit of it was what you might call subconscious. In other words, it took place without conscious thought. So there must have been an unconditioned mind functioning my body to bring it back where it belonged.