1959 Manchester Closed Class                                   Photo by Inez Marques
Tape 278 Side 1
Unconditioned Mind – Life
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 3 of 5

Evidently, mind itself was pure and unconditioned, and somebody made a power out of good thoughts, and because they accepted that belief, it was so unto them, for there is neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so. And so by accepting the belief that good thoughts are power, they made it so. The other people accepting bad thoughts as power, they made it so. You come along and nullify both, by knowing that neither good thoughts nor bad thoughts are power, for mind is unconditioned. It is itself infinite purity, and so are all of its forms.
And so you nullify both the power of good thoughts and the power of bad thoughts, and what do you have left? My thoughts. For My thoughts are not your thoughts. Not even your good thoughts can be My thoughts. My peace give I unto you – not as you would, not by your good or your evil. My peace transcends the good and the evil. Why? My peace is unconditioned, eternal, immortal being. My thoughts are not your thoughts because My thoughts are neither good nor evil. My thoughts are truth!
Who would say that two times two is four is good? It isn’t good. It just is! It just is! Like it or not like it – it still is. And so God’s thoughts are neither good thoughts nor bad thoughts. God’s thoughts are truth, but truth is immortal, eternal, and cannot be affected by good or evil. It always is maintaining Itself.
And when you understand the nature of mind appearing as form, mind unconditioned by good or evil, you will then have the body which is neither good nor evil, but which is just body functioning as bodies were meant to function.
Now, you cannot say that health is good, and you shouldn’t say that ill health is bad because thinking so can make it so in your experience. What you can believe, you can bring into truth; with what measure of faith you look into it, that’s the way you bring it to you. But don’t think that faith is good. Faith isn’t good. Faith has wrecked more people than it has ever saved, and always for the same reason. Faith is not based on – I don’t like the word knowledge – on truth.
No one has faith that two times two are four, no one, no one. You know it or you don’t know it, and when you know it, there is no faith involved. It is so. You don’t have faith that you are living. You are living, and that’s all there is to it, and there’s no faith about it, and I don’t think if you lost that faith it would do you any harm; except, of course, to make you hard to live with.
A man came into my office one day and asked if I could prove to him that there was a God. I said, “Oh, you mean by that that you are an agnostic?”
“Well, yes, I can’t believe there is one, but I am willing to have it proven.”
“Well,” I said, “that all depends on you. I am going to ask you one question. If you answer correctly, I can prove to you there is a God, but if you don’t answer it correctly I’ll have to ask you to excuse me.” I said, “Are you living?”
He said, “I don’t know.”
“That’s what I thought. You ought to apply for mental treatment.”
But, of course, the fact that he did not know that he was living, or didn’t believe he was, or didn’t have faith that he was, really did not change the fact that he’s living. And so it is, whether or not we have faith in anything does not change a thing. But, an awareness of truth, that is quite different.
Now, if there is someone in this room who has never witnessed the healing of a cold or grippe or flu or pneumonia or a fever, or the reduction of lumps, for them to have faith that there is some power that would do it wouldn’t be too bright, in my opinion. It would be a faith based on nothing – based on ignorance.
But for those of you who have witnessed these metaphysical and spiritual healings, you would no longer say that you have faith. You have something more than faith. You have knowledge. You have conviction. You have an awareness of the truth because you have experienced it, and what you have experienced you really know.
Now, once . . . of course you see the reason you are here in this room listening to this is that you were drawn here to hear it; therefore, it is natural that each one of you has at least a feeling of the rightness of it, even if you have not yet the knowledge, or conviction. That again is not asking you to have faith.
You can’t have faith unless something within you is responding and saying, “I can believe it, although I have not yet seen it.” But it is normal that you believe it, even if you have not seen it, because you were led here to hear this very thing. You were drawn to this class for that purpose. Nobody sent for you. Nobody advertised for you. Nobody promised you anything. Therefore, you came because you were drawn by something invisible, and because you were drawn all of the circumstances adjusted themselves in your life so that you could be here.
Now, the next step for you is, since you are only going to prove this as you know the truth, this is the truth with which you are to work. Tonight, tomorrow, be consciously aware of this: Mind – unconditioned, pure, infinite, eternal mind – is the substance of being, body, business, politics, government, industry, art, science, literature. Mind – unconditioned mind – is the substance of all form. Mind is neither good nor bad. Its forms are neither good nor bad. They are unconditioned, eternal being, and that which we behold as an erroneous condition, circumstance, is not of mind or its formations, but is the universal belief in good and evil, that which we last night termed devil, carnal mind, or mortal mind.
Now you see there is no such thing as carnal mind or mortal mind. There is only one mind and it is unconditioned. That which we give the name mortal mind to, or carnal mind, is the belief in good and evil. There is no mind called carnal mind. There is no mind called mortal mind, for there is but one mind, and it is unconditioned. It is not mortal, and it is not carnal, and it is not human. It is unconditioned. It cannot be named or described or analyzed. Therefore, this which we call carnal mind, or mortal mind, is actually a belief in two powers. Once you recognize that, you can do as the Hebrew prophet did, Hezekiah: They have only the arm of flesh, and they rested in his word.
The moment you can say carnal mind or mortal mind is a belief in two powers, you can rest. Never be found fighting error or trying to overcome it or rise above it or remove it. Never try to protect yourself from mortal mind or carnal mind.