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Tape 278 Side 1
Unconditioned Mind – Life
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 2 of 5

Now I will ask you to remember this. Since there is only one mind, this belief of good and evil is not yours. Never let anyone blame you for any of the evil in you, or praise you for any of the good in you, for this belief of good and evil is not of you. It is this universal belief, which we call the belief of good and evil, not your belief. The belief was here before you were born, before you were thought of. This belief was here before your parents or your grandparents. Therefore, this is not your belief; this is the belief – the universal belief – which through ignorance we accepted upon our conception. From the moment of conception on, we accepted this belief of two powers, good and evil, and, therefore, we have experienced good and evil.
Now then, human experience is made up of good and evil because it is made up of that belief of good and evil accepted by us. To return to the Father’s house and once more become the Son of God it is necessary that we, individually – no one can do this for us. This is an individual experience. We must give up the belief in good and evil. We must give up the belief in two powers. It is a conscious activity of your consciousness, and it can only be done by you. The effect of the belief of good and evil in the form of a sin or a disease or a lack can be overcome by your practitioner or teacher. But since you still have the belief of good and evil, you are bound to sin again, and have a worse thing come upon you.
In other words, as long as you do not individually – specifically and consciously – eliminate from your thought this belief of good and evil, no matter how many times you are healed, and no matter how many things you are healed of, there will always be something else because behind it is that which produces the evil in your life – the belief in good and evil.
Now, the practical application of that is this. When you are faced with a problem – physical, mental, moral, financial, or human relationships, at any level – you must first remember that the substance of this universe is mind, pure mind, unconditioned mind, mind that is neither good nor evil. It is pure, immortal being, pure immortal essence, substance, reality, and its formations likewise are unconditioned because they are mind itself appearing as form, appearing as infinite form. And the only reason there is a claim of discord is this belief of two powers, this universal belief.
Never blame your patient, never blame your relative, never blame the man in prison. Always remember you are dealing with an impersonal, universal belief in two powers. Mind – unconditioned, infinite, immortal, eternal mind – is the substance of all form, all formation, all effect, whether appearing as body, tree, plant, animal, vegetable, mineral.
Mind is the essence, the substance, unconditioned – meaning neither good nor evil, and having no qualities of good or evil. Just unconditioned, pure mind is the substance of all that is, and all that is, is as unconditioned as the mind which is its base. Therefore, we are dealing with a universal belief in two powers; but being impersonal, it is a belief without a believer. It is the devil tempting the Master and being rejected, and, therefore, left powerless. If this were not the truth, it would be impossible for our state of consciousness to produce changes in what is called the material universe.
Now, since all of you – or nearly all – have actually witnessed metaphysical and spiritual healings, you do know that a practitioner that may be anywhere from one mile to ten thousand miles away from the patient may yet reduce a fever, remove a lump, restore wasted lungs, restore hearing, eyesight. You know these things beyond all doubt because you have witnessed it, and in some cases you have experienced it, and in some cases you have been the means through which such healing work has been done. And, therefore, you do know that when you attained an inner stillness and a realization of God’s allness, the conditions of body change.
You may even have had experiences, as many have, with automobiles, airplanes, in which something went radically wrong, and yet, because of the right realization, the car, the plane was able to keep going until a right time.
Now, your consciousness of this truth is a law of harmony. And, therefore, if you were called upon to help someone in a fever, and you were to realize that mind – unconditioned mind, mind that had neither good nor evil – was the substance of all form, and that this universal belief in two powers, good and evil, was not operative because it was impersonal, without person – it was the arm of flesh or nothingness – and that fever disappeared, you would then know that your consciousness of one power, which really is the consciousness of no power, really produced healing work, and was the law of harmony. And you would see then that by mind – your mind – functioning in truth producing an effect on what we call body, matter, you would know then that the substance of mind and the substance of matter is one and the same.
That is why mind can affect matter. That’s why truth in consciousness can affect matter. That is why when mind, which of itself is not conditioned, but when mind is imbued with truth, it becomes a law of harmony unto all effect.
But when mind becomes imbued with hate, fear, envy, jealousy, malice, lust, you know right well that someone out here feels that if they come into your presence. You know that you yourself have felt uncomfortable in the presence of some people, and you knew that you were just responding to something going on within their mind, within their thought.
Mind itself is unconditioned. The human race has accepted the belief of both good and evil. And then, taking the good into their mind, they produce a good effect; taking the evil into their mind, they produce an evil effect. That is why you now have books, over here, telling you about the man who conducted experiments with plants, and how some of his people working with good thoughts in their mind made the plants grow beyond their normal growth, and other people, working with wrong thoughts in their mind, withered and destroyed the plants.