Special Request

A special request from One of us came to me this morning:

“This talk by Joel of the ONE POWER and the FACT it is within each one of us is the sacred secret power/answer to this North Korea situation.  Could you please, please listen to the recording again-(you put it up on you tube May 4, 2016, tape  #332B) and see if it would be possible to bring it to light again right NOW for your followers to listen and practice this Principle of ONE POWER–Joel tells  us that those in the room hearing that talk would be enough to save our civilization–to save the world!!
What a great opportunity right now for all your Infinite Way followers to help “save the world “!!!

The posts of this talk are available on the frontpage of Iwihub.com today.

Thank you


  1. This North Korea issue is a very subtle appearance. Donald Trump appears to be a tough guy and North Korea dictator sounds stubborn. YES, THESE APPEARANCES ARE LIKE ANY OTHER ONES. They dissolve unto utter nothingness as we handle it with care.

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  2. Fear not is the great command of the Master. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom and “My Kingdom” is not of “this world”. Let’s not set up a hierarchy of illusions giving more importance to one illusion over another.

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  3. It isn’t the sitting alone somewhere listening to Joel’s tape that does what’s needed. No, it’s being receptive to some one or more individual(s) elevated state of Consciousness, that state which forever abides in the realization that in REALITY there is absolute peace and harmony. This then becomes the known true state of affairs where, through our yet unillumined state, we perceive some other power. The kingdom of God/Spirit/Consciousness/IAM is OMNIPRESENT meaning It’s just much in North Korea as It is where you are now. This needs only to be realized by an individual among us to bring it to fruition for a time at least wherever there seems to be discord.

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    1. that “individual” was and is Jesus the Christ. “We all” arose in that Mind…just say YES! it’s a done deal..we are looking back on what didn’t happen. relax everyone:):)


  4. I cannot thank you enough for pointing out this tape. In one way it feels like Joel knew what was going to happen in the future, but actually he was “dealing” with the same illusions in his time. He gets to the root of the nature of error like no one else that I have ever heard. I’m grateful for this community of IW students and for your part in supporting spiritual growth. Thank you!


  5. I think of Padre Pio, the Italian mystic who appeared to pilots who were off to drop bombs during the 2nd world war. Some of those pilots had conversions on the spot, and when some of the bombs dropped, they did not explode.
    I think of Joel’s teaching of God’s Omnipresence, when I think of that story. The Divine undivided Infinite Self showing Itself to that same Spirit within the pilot, no trying to change anything, simply, Spirit meeting Itself.


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