IW Morsel – Time No Part of God
Time plays no part in the functioning of God. There is only now in the spiritual kingdom, there is only this moment, this continuing moment. It is because of this continuing moment that everything that happens in the future will happen.
From- A Parenthesis In Eternity
By Joel Goldsmith

Study & Meditation #88
1961 Los Angeles Closed Class (5:2)
Tape 399
By Joel Goldsmith
When you have a problem, instead of battling it, instead of seeking a God to do something to it, withdraw from the battle. Retire within yourself and get at peace. In this way you have made way for the Christ to take over.
It is far better not to enter into an argument with error. Don’t claim that it is unreal. Don’t fight it, don’t argue with it. Just sit down and meditate until you feel the Presence of God and when you come out of your meditation, you’ll know it is unreal because it won’t be there. But to say it’s unreal, to think it, is fighting it. Withdraw from the battle. Do not engage it. Don’t argue with it. Let the “still small voice” proclaim Itself.
If you know that the nature of God is good, the nature of God is Love, the nature of God is Life Eternal, then don’t enter mental arguments. Don’t start battling and don’t look around for a God to do something. Just sit down quietly and, in stillness and confidence, spiritual discernment comes.