Function of Mind (2)

IW Morsel – You Will Not Find God in???———only within yourself
You will not find God in a holy mountain or a holy city or a holy temple or a holy book or a holy teacher. You will find the Kingdom of God within yourself, or you will not find it in this lifetime!
From – Living By Grace
By Joel Goldsmith P43

From – Tape 399-1
1961 Los Angeles Closed Class /

Function of Mind

Mi – Part 2
By Joel Goldsmith
Then you will find this, that as your consciousness, your mind, is imbued with truth, with spiritual truth, as you make God a part of your day and your night experience, gradually these erroneous experiences of human life begin to disappear. And the first thing you know, well, you’ll come up against something like this—I’ve had this happen—students come and say, “You know, I just don’t see after all these years in truth, I don’t see what the benefits are, I don’t see that I’m so much better off.” Then I say, “How many days, weeks, or months have you lost from your work through sickness; how many dollars have you spent for doctors and medicine and hospitalization; how much of sin and disease has come into your home?”
“Oh, oh, oh, oh I hadn’t thought about that.”
No, you see, we’re looking for some kind of flashy demonstration, some kind of miracle out of the sky. But spiritual living isn’t that way, spiritual living is a dying daily to the fleshly sense, it’s a sloughing off, a falling away of materiality and physicality, and a gradual coming into spiritual awareness, harmony in the outer plane. I am sure that any student on the spiritual path, metaphysical path, who’s been on it three years only must be able to look back and see some change in their consciousness, some change for the better, and probably some change in their outer experience that they really haven’t been aware of until they searched. It’s there; it can’t help being.
The mind that is imbued with truth; that maintains truth in consciousness, must eventually find that the new consciousness is being formed, and when the new consciousness is formed, the new body is formed. So it is then, your mind is an instrument for your use. Ah. I might say this: just exactly as your body is an instrument for your use, so is your mind. You can use your body in your human sense, you can use it for good or evil; you can use your hands to hit, to punch, to kill, or to be benevolent and loving. The body is an instrument, how are you going to use it?
The mind is an instrument; you can use it any way you want up to a certain point. Once you’ve touched a spiritual path at a certain point, you no longer have the capacity to think evil, to do evil, to desire evil. And because of that you experience very little of it, and the little that you do, there is a way of meeting. Your mind, therefore, like your body, is an instrument.
It may be that those who have not yet been led to any of the metaphysical approaches have no control over their minds, and therefore cannot decide what they will read or what they won’t, or what they will think or what they won’t—they have no choice. That is unfortunate. Probably that is why the Master said, “The poor we always have with us.” The poor in spirit, those who have no capacity, no knowledge of the spiritual side of life, and therefore live out their whole lives, you might say in the gutter.
But there isn’t any one of these major metaphysical and spiritual teachings, that I have mentioned, where if you wish; if you follow the teachings of the original leader—follow Mrs. Eddy’s actual teachings or the Fillmore’s or Ernest Holmes or Dr. Bailes—follow any one of those like our teachings, and you will find that it will not be long until you will be on the right side of spiritual living because your mind will be imbued with truth.
Your mind then is the instrument, and filling it with truth you bring forth harmony. Devoid of truth, you bring forth a little good and a little evil, or a lot of good and a lot of evil. When we then use mind with a capital M, and say “the Mind of man is God,” let us understand really that we mean Mind with a capital M, the unconditioned Mind is the instrument of God, the way whereby God is made manifest unto us.

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