8th Chapter Romans (6/6)

1952 New Washington Series
Joel S. Goldsmith
tape 6B – 8th Chapter Romans (6/6)

Get back into the sanctuary of your Spirit. Get back into the temple of God within you and there realize the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead, and once you realize that the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead is in you, that same Spirit will quicken the body, heal the body or the business or the bank account of those who have turned to you for help.

For if ye live after the flesh ye shall die. If you live after the flesh, if you live after—just this idea of getting good health or good wealth, you’ll die, but if you, through the Spirit, do mortify the deeds of the body ye shall live. If you through the Spirit realize that It alone is the power unto every organ and function of your body, then you will live forever.

So what we’re going to do at this moment is this: We’re going to remember that there are those who are looking to you for help. It may be in your family, it may be among your friends, it may be among your patients or students, but there are those who have turned to you for help and they are, at this very minute, a part of your consciousness. They are right there where you are, and the activity of truth in your consciousness will now become the law of health, healing, harmony unto them.

And so for a few moments we’re going to do just that. We are going to be active in, if you like, remembering some of these truths that we’ve mentioned tonight, or any others that come to you, and then, we’re going to get peaceful in much the same attitude of our little boy Samuel, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.” We are going to turn our ear as if we were waiting for God to talk, and we’ll just wait there a few minutes in patience until we get some little feel of God’s presence, and then we’ll say, “It is done.”

(pause for meditation)

Let us be very clear on this. We are starting a program of work in which we hope, as always, to achieve demonstrable results. We hope to achieve the realization of greater harmony in our experience than when we began this work. We have the right to expect that if we have problems that they will be met during this work. If we have ills or lacks that they will be met during this work. In other words, we should be raised up in consciousness to that place where our problems disappear—if not completely, at least where they begin to fade out.

Now let us not defeat our purpose before we begin. It has been revealed to us tonight that if we pray for things or conditions or anything in the outer world we can achieve no success, so if we’re going to engage now in two and a half weeks of constant—two and three sessions a day of work, let us at least give ourselves the opportunity of succeeding, and the only way we can do that is to consecrate ourselves to a purpose, and let that consecration be this: that we hereby renounce the desire for any demonstration other than a realization of the presence of God.

If we come in here and bring in our baggage that we’re supposed to leave outside, we certainly will not succeed. If we are going to persist in demonstrating some thing or some person, we are going to fail, and we might as well know we’re going to fail now and not wait till three weeks from now and say, “You see, it’s failed again.” Let’s admit right now that it’s going to be a failure, if it is done in that way.

To give ourselves a break, to give ourselves the opportunity of coming into harmony, let us take tonight, the very first night of our work, for a dedication and a consecration. Let us dedicate ourselves to spend these next weeks in seeking a conscious realization of God’s presence, and whenever the tempter comes to us and says, “Oh yes, but you need bread, turn those stones into bread. Work a miracle and get rid of that fever.” Turn on that temptation, “Get thee behind me Satan. I am not interested in any demonstration but one, and that is the realization of the presence and power of God.”

If we will do that, and re-dedicate ourselves at least once a day during this period, we have every right and every reason to know, to believe, and to understand that the thousand that fall at our left, and the ten thousand that fall on our right will have nothing to do with our demonstration, it will not come nigh our dwelling place. Why? Because we are dwelling in the secret place of the most High. We are devoting ourselves to the realization—not of the carnal flesh, not of things—we are dedicating ourselves and consecrating ourselves to the Spirit.

Thank you and until two o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Good night.


  1. > Hi, > I have been receiving the Talks for a couple of months now and I am reading slowly and deliberately and I am enjoying them…they are a blessing! Thank you so much! > Right now what I am reading is what is essential in getting to know, feel, and realize the Presence. > I am wondering if there are any talks that you may have where Joel speaks about the purpose of life. Why we are here, what is it all about? The beginning of mankind….. > I appreciate your help! Thank you! > Linda



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