It’s an act of consciousness to find God, but God is available to saint or sinner. God is available to rich or poor, white or black. None of this has anything to do with God. It is Adam who gave these names to everything. It isn’t God who gave those names. Even Scripture tells you that. Adam gave these names, not God. God has included us all in one family. Isn’t it in the New Testament, all of one blood, all of one blood, all of one? Why sure, there’s only one blood in there, and that’s God’s blood. That’s the only blood there is. That’s the only Life there is in man, is the Life of God. And as we in this modern day come into that realization, we will break down all of these prejudices that have been built up by churches and flags. Churches have built this division on the religious angle, and flags have built it on the national issue.

I remember many years ago there was a newspaper in New York City, and its banner was, “my country right or wrong, my country.” Isn’t that a terrible thing? How’s it ever going to get right, if you’re going to worship it in its wrongness? Well, we wouldn’t even do that in our families today, not my family, right or wrong. Certainly not. We want our families to be right. We want our teaching to be right. We want our nation to be right. But if our nation isn’t right, it isn’t up to us to praise it for being wrong, but to try to change it and bring about the right. But as long as we have flags that we’re going to worship as against somebody else’s flag, as long as we’re going to have churches that we worship ahead of somebody else. It’s right to have flags, and it’s right to have churches. But let’s love all of them. Let’s not set one up against another, or one as being right and another one as being wrong, another one being in God’s Grace and another one being out of God’s Grace.

There are so many facets to Truth that there is room in this world for Christian Science, and for Unity, and for New Thought, and for Infinite Way, and for a thousand more such teachings. And none will infringe on the other. Each will present some facet of Truth, as it sees it. They don’t have to compete. They can unite and still each retain their own individuality, like the states of the United States. Forty-eight states, but all united in one, yet each one, pre-New Deal day, each one maintaining its own individual identity and integrity, and yet united in one good common cause. Well, that will come again. That will come again. It is so near to a spiritual relationship that no form of government’s ever going to break it down. And that will come back again, and you will again see that we will have forty-eight, or nine, or fifty states, each one an individual identity, each one an individuality, each one its own being, and yet all united in one.

But we’ll go further than that, and someday we’ll see the United States of the World, or United Nations of the World, but that will come in the same way. Not through a United Nations, but when individuals first, then groups next, and nations next begin to see that only insofar as we are willing to consider each other’s problems in the light of one as being important to each other, only in that light can this come that we can each be individuals and yet unite in one.

Well, that’s the way it goes. Sixty minutes fly around the clock. But that too is a lesson. You see, there is no such thing as sixty minutes. There is no such thing as an hour. There is only the minute in which we are living. Just think here I come in and one of our good friends gives me a question. And by filling up one minute with that question, sixty minutes have gone around. That’s the way it is with life. All we are called on to do, and that’s one of the principles in the Infinite Way, too. All we are ever called on to do, yes, the Principle is this: “To him that hath shall be given.” That’s the Principle. As long as we acknowledge that we have this minute, that’s all that’s necessary, because as we continue in this minute, we wake up and find out it’s sixty minutes.

Thank you. Thank you.