God Has Only Itself To Give

#14 – Wisdoms of the Infinite Way
Be sure that your prayer is not a desire to improve God’s universe.
From the book – The Infinite Way
Joel S. Goldsmith

From – I Stand On Holy Ground
By Joel Goldsmith
Excerpt-Chapter 3 / Meditation, the Door to Fulfillment

God Has Only Itself To Give
Only as we seek and attain the consciousness of the presence of God does the Presence go before us and draw all things to us. There is no way, really, of using God to attain our purpose, whether it is home, companionship, or supply; and we lose the demonstration of Grace when we think: Here am I, and there is God, and here is my demonstration.”
If we think we can go to God for things, we have not even started in the kindergarten of a spiritual teaching, because there is no “me” and God. There is no God and supply or God and companionship or God and safety. Such things exist only in fiction, an idea that began in pagan days and has been perpetuated. We cannot go to God, for I and the Father are already one, right here. So there is no place to go, and there is no one to whom to go. All that I, God, am, is already included here within us.
Since God is the substance of all creation, God made all that was made, and all that God made is good. God and His creation are one. We cannot go to God to get something here, and we cannot even go outside ourselves to find God, for God is our Self.

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