The Peak of Mystical Living 3/4

September 5, 2020 // 1 Comment

It’s a rhythm of love; it’s a rhythm of understanding; it’s a rhythm of the God nature. It’s really the Spirit of God, which is a Spirit of Truth, or a Spirit of understanding, and that rhythm is really a life long relationship to those who have once felt it. It binds us together—not with any human ties. Thank God we’ve learned that we can be bound together without any human ties or obligations. [...]

Spiritual Healing III 3/4

April 25, 2020 // 0 Comments

But at the ascension, he rose above, not above a physical body, not above a material body, he rose above a material sense of body. And then, what became of all his wounds, and the blood? It wasn’t there anymore. It was just a pure white essence. So light in essence, that it ascended out of sight. So with us. [...]

God Is Unfolding 4/4

February 18, 2020 // 1 Comment

The miracle is going to happen in your individual experience, and the miracle will be God revealing itself, God closer to you than breathing, God as your better experience, God as bringing another section of the world into a worship of one power. [...]

Doing Greater Works 3/5

August 19, 2018 // 0 Comments

It is a spontaneous Truth flashing into consciousness at a specific moment that really does the greater works. And, it is for this reason that we at all times must be completely empty, completely empty of reliances, so that we can receive the activity of Christ, the spirit of God at any given moment by being still. “Be still, and know that I.” [...]

Establish God Realization 4/6

July 26, 2017 // 2 Comments

Our purpose is not the healing of the physical body. Our purpose is spiritual regeneration. Our work is bringing to light a spiritual way of life. Our function is to give the world—give back to the world that which so many of the mystics and mystical teachings of old knew and gave their people: a conscious contact with God and all the blessings that flow through that. [...]

Establish God Realization 3/6

July 26, 2017 // 2 Comments

Forget the world, forget trying to save the world, and forget your patients, and forget your students, and forget The Infinite Way. Forget everything. Have only one goal and one ambition, and that is to make and maintain your individual relationship with God, your individual contact with God. [...]

When Spirit is Upon You 2/5

April 9, 2017 // 0 Comments

So it is with the will of God, the spirit of God. The spirit of God dwells in you, but you don’t know it. You have no awareness of it. You have no feel of it in the original human state. You don’t even know it’s there. Nobody has told you that the spirit of God dwells in you, and if they did, why should you believe it, when there is no evidence of it. [...]

Your Names Are Writ in Heaven 5/5

February 20, 2017 // 0 Comments

That’s your relationship to you: your names are writ in heaven. Stop trying to get spiritual. Stop trying to get holy. Stop trying to get rich. Stop trying to get healthy. Stop trying to get somewhere. Your names are writ in heaven. That’s the principle of the Christ. That’s the principle of Spiritual existence, your names are writ in heaven already. [...]

Dedication 2-5

April 4, 2016 // 0 Comments

The Soul is the MAN and the mind is an instrument that man uses and the body is another instrument that the man uses and when the Soul is awake to its spiritual capacities it uses the mind for clean, intelligent purposes and it uses the body for clean, intelligent purposes and helpful purposes. [...]