Now every one has always known that if only you could get spiritual power you could overcome the troubles of the world, but the trouble is they have always sought a spiritual power that could be used, and there is no such thing. There is a spiritual power to which you can submit yourself, and that is the power of your consciousness when your consciousness no longer fears, or hates, or loves error in any form. These things must be brought out in your classes.

Now, in the first two tapes that have been made for this purpose, you will find the steps leading up to this. Be sure that the students get plenty of that before they are led up to this, because this would not make sense to a beginner. We could see how difficult that was, in presenting the idea to ministers, that God cannot be prayed to. They get sick. It shocks them. Or that God did not cause death or disease or accidents, that the will of God is only good. These things must be led up to.

Give the milk of the word to the babes, and then the meat. But the teacher, like the practitioner in the office with one patient, must be the judge of how to lead. You can’t write a book about how to lead your students, because you’re dealing with individual consciousness, and each individual has a different background.

Therefore, the practitioner in the office, with one patient or student, must take that patient or student where they find themnot where we’d like them to be, but where they areand then, gradually lead them from there into whatever height of understanding their fitness prepares them, enables them to go.

Then in the same way, in giving classes, start always with a beginners’ class. If anyone wants to enroll in it a second time, they may, but with the understanding that they are going to hear that same state of evolution, not always presented in the same way, because you never can present a class the same way twice. But always, in those beginners’ classes, the work as it is outlined on those first two tapes must be included, so that the students learn the nature of the 1959 work as impersonalization and nothingization.

The greatest problem that I have in my mail with patients and students is that they do not grasp the 1959 work. Somehow or other, it’s always a person that’s brought up or a condition or a series of events, and they do not seem to grasp the fact that we are not dealing with persons, but dealing with appearances, which we understand to be of the nature of illusion.

Now, since it takes years and years before patients and students can grasp that point, that we’re dealing with universal beliefs, not with persons or conditions, it is the practitioner or teacher who must be so evolved that no matter who comes, or what, there is the recognition: “Wait a minute, this is not a person or a condition I’m meeting, this is that universal antichrist or hypnotism, and in the recognition of that I’m done with it.”

Illumination consists of knowing that. No one is evolved spiritually who is still trying to reform people or heal people or remove sins or diseases. Until there is that evolved consciousness that refuses to take person into their treatment or prayer or meditation, and say: “Wait a minute, I have nothing to do with thee. Get thee behind me Satan. I’m dealing with a temptation to accept appearances.”

So, you see, the major responsibility is on the practitioner or teacher. That doesn’t mean that you can guarantee that every patient is going to be healed or taught, because they also can have a wall up there that refuses to let you in, if they keep on insisting that it’s person or condition or so forth. If they do not yield, which they must eventually—they must eventually yield, or they’re not going to make it. Now I have lots of patients who I’ve been working with as many as twelve years that will not catch it, do not catch it, and do not get their healing.

And just for my own satisfaction, some of these I’ve asked Lorraine to work on, some I’ve asked Daisy to work on, but nothing happens with them any more than with me, and the reason is I’m not at fault, Daisy’s not at fault, Lorraine is not at fault, they are holding that wall up that insists that this is person or this is me or this is the other fellow or so forth and so on. We just cannot break through.

In most cases there is a yielding, sooner or later, but we are not illumined, except in the proportion as we have impersonalized and no longer are blaming persons for their troubles, regardless of what they may be. Of course, they have to awaken to this sooner or later, but even while we’re waiting for them to awaken, we in the back of our mind must say, “At least I am awake. I am not holding you in bondage. This is not person. This is still universal hypnotism, and then dropping it, because the minute you start to work against universal hypnotism, you have taken up the sword.

That automatically leads to a whole new consciousness of prayer, because now, when you sit down to pray, and the first word that comes into your mind is omniscience, there has to be a smile. “What have I got to say to the All-knowing?” And then, what am I here for? Because the omniscience is the omnipotence, and this is the All-power. So I’m certainly not here to get any power, or to do anything to some other power. And this omnipotence is omnipresence, so I don’t have to go anywhere for that. And when I’m through with that prayer now becomes, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.”

And in that attitude and altitude of prayer, that which is necessary comes through. It may not come through in any way that we are aware of at the moment, but it won’t be long before we’ll see the fruitage, and then we’ll say, “Ah, the Presence did go before me to make the crooked places straight. Ah ha. Ah ha. Omnipotence is omnipotentthat which was the other power isn’t around.” And the fact that your patients may live in this city, or a thousand miles away, it dawns on youomnipresence is the truth. The truth I knew in my consciousness was powerful in Cincinnati, Chicago, Cleveland, London, South Africa, so therefore, my consciousness must be omnipresence in Africa. See that?

The omnipotence, which is my consciousness, is made manifest in Europe, Asia, Africa. Therefore, it is my consciousness that is omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, and it is a consciousness which does not have to be manipulated by human thought or power, but rather in quietness and in confidence letting It manifest Itself. Therefore, all we have to do is sit quietly in a room and know this truth, and it must function in what is called “this world.” So that in our world work, again you must see, that your consciousness is a power, but it must be consciously realized, and in our present state of development, it has to be a specific activity.

In other words, when the threat of war goes up, or the threat of strikes, or the threat of infection, or contagion, it is at that moment that we must specifically turn within. It won’t be necessary in the ages to come, when Christ will be individual consciousness, then there will be no ground for infection, contagion, war, hate to operate, but as long as there is a human consciousness in which the illusions of sense can operate, the ten righteous men have to sit down and pray, and they must pray specifically at the time when this thing touches their consciousness.

In the absolute it would be enough to say God constitutes individual consciousness, but that won’t do anything. It’s when God is individual consciousness universally that the Christ government will be on earth.

Now, to some extent, the fact that we have recognized God as individual consciousness, and that we have recognized, in some extent, that spiritual power doesn’t destroy anything, and it can’t be used, It dispels illusions, in that degree we individually must be Christ governed, God governed. But in our individual realization of It, we bring It to God’s government on earth as it is in heaven, as a totality. And so it is for this reason that in your community, when you are made aware, by any means whatsoever, of impending discord, there is this need for immediate work.

Now, the balance of the time your world work must include the other side of the stick. Neither must I be fooled by good weather, or good health, or good supply, but I must consciously realize that I’m not aiming toward good supply or good health or good government. I am concerned only with the middle path, Christ harmony, Christ supply, Christ weather, so forth and so on. Always watch as a teacher or practitioner that you do not get hooked on to rejoicing in good humanhood, but that you always remember you are in the middle path. You’re not here to change bad humanhood into good humanhood. You are to realize Christhood.

And this constitutes our great pearl for no where and in no teaching in the world does it exist but The Infinite Way, at this timethat we are treading the middle pathnot trying to crusade for good human government, not trying to just heal people of their physical ills, not merely trying to get people to stop being alcoholics, because that’s the other side of the same stick. So that part of our pearl is the realization that we are not trying to attain good humanhood, but be more and more aware of Christhood.

Now, you see, you will have cause in your meditations to think over these pearls of The Infinite Waythat which really constitutes what we have that is beyond price. This will enable you to see why it can’t be boughtwhy rich people can’t hire you to keep them healthy, wealthy, and wise. Oh, there was a time when practitioners accepted patients at so much a month, to give them a treatment every day for protective work, for supply, for health, and these people were buying it.

Well, I’ve seen too often what happens. One of my friends for more than twenty years paid a practitioner thirty dollars a month, and then he had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital, and she wouldn’t treat him because he was in a hospital. You can’t buy protection. You can’t buy health. When people express gratitude, if they have any idea at all that they’re buying God’s favors, or spiritual good, they might just as well keep their money.

What is paid out in this work, or given out in this work is pure gratitude. But if anyone has an idea that with that gratitude they’re buying something, they’re all wrong. This cannot be purchased, except by blood, sweat, and tears. Nights of the souldark nights, some of them, because these truths that are brought forth from consciousness, are not floating around in consciousness for everybody to pick up. There have been too few who have caught them in the whole history of the world and these few have been on the cross one way or another. If you wish to bring forth pearls of wisdom from your consciousness you’ll pay the price. But it won’t be dollars. The dollars you give will be the measure of your gratitude for what has happened.

What is on this tape so far, should provide at the very least, six advanced lessons for individuals…