We do not tell God where to go, what country to go to, what tyrant or politician to handle. We do not tell God of the evils of “this world” and then ask Him to do something about it. We abide in the stillness, and let the imprisoned Splendor escape through the still, small voice.

Since God is omnipotence, It has no powers to overcome or destroy. It merely has to be allowed an inlet and an outlet to this universe, and then the evils of this world are dissolved, because they do not exist as powers or realities, but as maya or illusion, or illusory concepts produced by the belief in two powers.

Again, our pearl consists of the awareness that God is omnipresence as my very consciousness so that the place whereon I stand is always holy ground. If I go up to heaven, it is holy ground. If I make my bed in hell, it is holy ground. If I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, it is holy ground, because I and my consciousness are one. My consciousness and God consciousness are one.

God constitutes my very consciousness even in the midst of sin, disease, death, lack, or limitation, and my awareness of this dissolves the pictures of sense, the erroneous appearances to which we have reacted. Now we behold the appearances and no longer react to them, because of our understanding of their illusory nature, of the non-power.

Therefore, we come, eventually, to the greatest revelation that has been given to this world by The Infinite Way and that is the nature of spiritual power. Here we reach the top…The nature of spiritual power. Spiritual power cannot be used. Spiritual power cannot be used by man. It cannot be influenced by man. It cannot be controlled by man, and man cannot make It do something.

Spiritual power is that which operates through the still, small voice to govern man. As we, individually, open our consciousness to the Christ government, spiritual power, It governs us individually, but It doesn’t limit Itself to governing us individually.

Every time It comes to us, It is also released into human consciousness, so that even in a generation It can change so many facets of the consciousness of mankind. It is that which is permeating the earth today.

It doesn’t mean that four billion people will have to individually awaken to the Christ. It means that the ten righteous men are admitting the Christ into human consciousness, and eventually, there will be no human consciousness left, because as the new generations are born, they will be born into a higher consciousness, which is now established on earth.

They will not go through the experiences of their parents. It is for this reason that the spiritual power, which is now being released on earth, will be the consciousness of the new generation. They will not be born into their parents’ consciousness, and you can witness that in some of the children of today who are not going through the mistakes of their parents.

Now, there are many facets of this that indicate how this spiritual consciousness is permeating human consciousness. I was invited to give the major talk, main talk, at a banquet given to the Boy Scout leaders of Hawaiinot the Boy Scouts, but the Boy Scout leadersand the concluding talk of the evening was given by a judge, on the bench here, a federal judge.

And he said that he had had a talk, in preparation for this talk, with the judge in Hawaii who is on the bench for all of the juvenile cases, in the juvenile court, because he said he had had an experience in his judgeship and he wanted to know if a judge handling only juveniles had had any similar experience, and he found that he had.

And this is the experiencethat boys who have had Boy Scout training, in all the history of these two judgesonly one boy had ever been brought before them, and that boy has been healed and restored to society. This judge sitting on the bench here in Hawaii does not have the case of a juvenile delinquent brought before him of a boy who has had Boy Scout training. Does this not indicate how spiritual consciousness is permeating human consciousness? See that?

And I’m sure that eventually, we will have a whole race of people among whom there will be no delinquents, because if there can be so few, or none, in the Christian Science movement, or the Unity movement, and so few, or none, in the Boy Scouts, and probably the same would be found in the YMCAs and the YWCAs, then you can certainly can see that all of mankind is subject to that, if only that influence is brought to bear. But, that influence is being brought to bear, because consciousness is being permeated with this Christian Science and Unity and Infinite Way and so forth and so on.

But much more so now when we have God as individual consciousness, and when we have God, not as a power over other powers. All of this is like putting the capstone on top of the building, putting the seal on theit completes the picture of spiritual power, and when it is known… .