Here Now Webinar

Iwihub presents the Here Now Webinar at the 19th and 20th of September 2020. You are invited!

The purpose of this webinar is to join in the joy of the Presence of God. Through moments of meditation, declaration, teaching and silence we join in the celebration of remembering our True Nature. All are welcome, come as you are.

In every moment you have an opportunity to let what Is, manifest Itself. What Is, manifest Itself as your subjective experience of Singularity. Exactly as you, in you, through you. It needs your hands, your feet, your tongue. It is happening here and now.

First we meditate, part two is a moment to declare yourself using your favorite quote or reference.

First at noon the 8th One Consciousness Class then at 1 pm Introduction Practitioner Training and Question and Answer session

Zoom link:

Download the Zoom app on your phone/ipad/device to make things easier, then : Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android. Please USE THIS LINK:

CHARGE There is no charge for this event. Donations will be gratefully accepted!! See below

Here Now webinar september donation

Thank you for supporting




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