This weekend we will join in the webinar ‘Here and Now’ and to give you a heads up of the program this introduction. First of all is the webinar connected to spiritual healing. Not as an act but as a realization, as something you receive for your self by coming in touch with the Core of your Being. In other words, we will use the different program parts as a means to align with what is Real, the direct communication of what Is. This as a subjective experience of Reality for you as being the only Natural experience for you.

September 19 at noon CDT (Chicago time. See the time of your location).

Meditation, after a short welcome and an introduction to the meditation we will use different meditations from the e-booklet “How To Heal” derived from the talks How To Heal by Joel S. Goldsmith.

Teach Now, is a form of declaration. You can prepare yourself for this class by using your favorite spiritual paragraph from for, example Joel’s Books, Bible or a poem that you feel you want to share with us. Some of us will be asked to share this. In a time segment of 5 minutes you will be able to share.

Sunday September 20th at noon CDT

One Consciousness online healing class. You have a possibility to join the 8th class in the series One Consciousness. This class will be connected to a weekly chapter given us by Acropolis Books. You can use this chapter to prepare.

Chapter 3, of the book The Heart of Mysticism, ‘March… the Practice of Spiritual Healing’


Given freely by Acropolis Books

Introduction Practitioner Training and Questions and Answer

The last program part is divided in two. First you will receive an introduction to the Practitioner Training. This training is set up as a continuation of this weekend to receive specific instruction to come to a (deeper) experience of direct communication with what Is. The second part is an opportunity to ask questions that arose during the webinar, followed by a meditative moment. Thank you!