The body feels that the highest vibration, the vibration of the true consciousness, is so intense that it is the equivalent of the inertia of immobility — with an intensity that’s imperceptible (for us). That intensity is so great that, for us, it’s the equivalent of inertia. It’s a state of immortality, immutably peaceful, tranquil, with like lightning-fast waves, so rapid that they seem still. And it’s like this: nothing moves (apparently) within a tremendous movement. And it seems so natural, so simple!… And then, as soon as you’re back on the other side, its…. Truly, the ordinary state, the old state, is consciously death and suffering. And then in the other state, death and suffering appear to be … absolutely unreal — there you are. [The Mother in ‘The Mind of the Cells’ , by Satprem].

The description above is an intimate sharing of the Mother of her universal experience of Being, an excerpt of the book ‘Mind of the Cells’. I used it in the class because we are referring to a conscious realization of what Is and she just gives a lovely expression of her universal experience. In the class last Sunday Joel describes the “I” that knocks at the door. So to be clear, you don’t have to knock on the door, you just have to open your consciousness to become receptive to What always Is and ever will Be.

Questions that are answered in the class are: What is standing at the door? What is my part in all this? How to pray? Who is the light of the world? How to practice this?

The chapter we used in this class was ‘I stand at the door’ , chapter 1 of the Mystical I, by Joel S. Goldsmith

I stand at the door, chapter one the Mystical I, Joel S goldsmith, download here.

Freely given by Acropolis Books

In the next video you can join the online healing class “I stand at the door” by Wim.

Tomorrow, September 20th class, we will use chapter 3 of the Heart of Mysticism vol.5 of Joel S. Goldsmith. You can download it here.

Chapter freely given by Acropolis Books