Spiritual healing cannot be based on the fact that there is something to be removed and that, in order to remove it, you must find its cause and then get rid of its effect. Spiritual healing has nothing to do with bodies; it has nothing to do with unemployed people, poor people, homeless people, or friendless people. Spiritual healing has to do with prayer, with the recognition and acknowledgment of our infinite and perfect nature. Prayer is our ability to attain conscious oneness with God, to be receptive and responsive to that which is called the still small voice, or spiritual impulse within us—the Christ.

Joel S. Goldsmith, excerpt of March… The Practice of Spiritual Healing, Chapter 3 of the book: The Heart of Mysticism vol 5.

In the last One Consciousness Class of this sequence, we use this chapter given us freely by Acropolis Books as a gift to its readers. It is much appreciated.

If you haven’t read this chapter you can download it on the Acropolis Books website

In the One Consciousness online class of last Sunday we were looking at the following questions: What is spiritual healing? How to deal with persons or conditions? How do you heal? What is the practice of Spiritual Healing?

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