1964 Oahu/Maui Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

546A – Between Two Worlds 1/4

Good morning…And let us see if we can make this a happy Easter by gaining a higher concept of birth and death. We cannot understand birth or death or resurrection unless we go back to understand our false concepts of birth. Without understanding that, we cannot gain a correct concept of death and resurrection, because death and resurrection are both founded on our ignorance of birth. Many have been taught that we were created in sin and brought forth in iniquity. Many have been led to believe that there is something not quite spiritual, or not quite right in one sense or another, about the whole idea of creation and birth. And the reason is this: that we have approached that subject from a purely materialistic standpoint. We have thought of creation as an act of man and woman, and there always lurks some feeling of wrongness about it, and in that sense there is, because it means that we are accepting man as a creator, and it is an impossibility to think along that line without something feeling wrong about it, because it is all wrong.

Man is not a creator, and that is what the wrong feeling comes from, and that is why it has been called sin and iniquity. Materialistically, we are taught that man starts from a seed, and of course, now you must be able to understand that that could never have been true, that there must have been a time before the seed, and this is when man had his beginning, not with the seed. The seed was already created. Therefore, man must have begun before the creation.

And so, if you understand or if you have even glimpsed the major principle of The Infinite Way, the major revelation, and that is that which we call God is actually consciousness. Consciousness is God. True, it is the infinite, the divine consciousness which is God, but this is the miracle of The Infinite Way. That infinite, Divine Consciousness is also individual consciousness, the consciousness of you and of me—and not a bit of it: all of it. All of it. All of the infinite, Divine Consciousness is my individual consciousness and yours, because, while materialistically this could not be true—materialistically you have quantity and quality—but spiritually you have allness. Spiritually you have oneness. Spiritually you have a God or Consciousness that cannot be divided, cannot be separated from Itself, and therefore, Scripture reveals: Son, all that I have is thine—not a tiny measure of it.

Again, if you look materialistically, you cannot understand this, because you can only understand division, separation, and you cannot understand that the infinite can, at the same time, be the individual. However, you can begin to glimpse this by remembering an exercise of our contemplative meditation: Suppose you close your eyes and you realize that you are now alone inside of yourself, inside of your own being, but in this silence you now have access to Infinity. In other words, I, Infinity, stand at the door of your consciousness and knock, and now you must open the door and bid Me enter. In other words, you must open the door of your consciousness and say, “Speak Lord, thy Servant heareth,” and then you’ll know that you are in direct communion with Allness. You have access to Allness. The mind of God is now your mind. The whole being of God is pouring Itself into and through your individual consciousness, but since there are seventy-five of us sitting here doing the same thing, you can see that all seventy-five of us have access to the same Infinity, the same Infinity that Jesus had access to when he said: I and My Father are one, and I speak of my Father and your Father. Therefore, you and your Father are one.

And now, in this moment of contemplation, you, having opened your consciousness and admitted God. Do you not see that now you and your Father are one, and the allness, which is God consciousness, is now your individual consciousness, and all that the Father hath is yours. All that God is, I am. Now, thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me for I am one with all that God is, and all that God has, and just remember at this moment, there are seventy-five of us here in the same relationship to the allness of God. God is not dividing Itself, a little bit to me and a little bit to you, but having opened the door of our consciousness we have access to allness.

All right, God is Spirit, therefore, you must avoid the materialistic sense of the human being going to God and expecting God to give you some measure of matter. Now you understand the Master saying: Take no thought for food or clothing or housing. Seek only spiritual grace. Seek only spiritual wisdom. Seek only the gift of God. And it must be Spirit, for God is Spirit, and those who worship God, those who pray to God must pray in Spirit.

Now, God is Spirit, and that Spirit is pouring Itself as my consciousness. It is now my consciousness. It is my being, and of course, even my body now has become the temple of God, for God is in His holy temple.

Do you see that whatever is to take place now must be a spiritual something? Whatever is to flow into my consciousness and yours, at this moment, must be something of a spiritual nature. It can be beauty, art, literature, grace, love, truth, the peace that passeth understanding—My peace, God’s peace, spiritual peace.

Now, as this activity of God, activity of consciousness, flows as our activity, it takes form in the mind and I may, all of a sudden, be gripped with some great idea of beauty that floods the mind. And then, all of a sudden, my hands begin to work with a pencil, with a pen, with a brush, and this spiritual beauty that has entered my soul and has now expressed itself in my mind, comes forth through my hands in a tangible form—could be music, painting, sculpture, architecture, literature.