Now open your consciousness and feel this peace that passeth understanding right here where we are in this room. And then realize we brought it; it was God’s Gift to us, and we carried it with us. MY  peace give I unto you… MY peace… MY Kingdom, is established within you; MY Allness, is established within you. Carry this Truth, abide in this Truth and let this Truth abide in you and let ME abide in you. That means, consciously remember: that

The Christ indwells you The Christ, the Son of God indwells you closer to you than breathing,

 nearer than hands and feet…

I can do all things through Christ, which dwelleth in me.

I live yet not I Christ liveth my life, this indwelling Son of God…

Let me the Son of God, abide in you.

Consciously remember: that this Son of God abides in you, dwells in you.

.. And this Son of God… hear this!. .

. this Son of God is your meat, your bread, your wine,

your supply, your safety, your security,

your income forever.

Your consciousness, of this indwelling spiritual Presence is your eternal supply

your consciousness. 

Now remember, if the Spirit of God hasn’t touched you, you will not be conscious of this indwelling Presence you will not remember it, you will not have these ten second meditations; or these ten minute meditations. . . because, you haven’t the capacity for them. But if, the Spirit of God dwells in you; if you have been led to a spiritual Way of life—you will never have the capacity… you will never have the capacity to forget. . . your ten second meditations and your ten minute contemplative meditations.

If the Spirit of God dwells in you, you will be as unable to go through, the hours of the day and night, without the conscious remembrance of the Presence of God. . as you would be able to go,without food or bathing. As food and bathing are natural to the natural man so the conscious awareness of the Presence of God, is essential… to the spiritual man. Spiritual food is more important, to the Son of God—than the material food. This was the answer the Master made. The disciples said, “Shall we go to the city and buy you some meat?” And the Master answers, “I have meat, that the world knows not of, and as long as I have this spiritual meat—I will not only be inwardly fed, but I will also have an abundance of food on the outer plane…..” 

Always… the first reminder must be—What have I, in my house, in my consciousness? Then, you can indulge—ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, half hour. . . of contemplative meditation, just going within and finding—what you already have in your house. There is no time I can assure you, for thinking about—what you may lack. There is no time for thinking—about what you are missing. There is only time for the remembrance—of what you already have in your house. Just think: you are living, you have life, you are thinking, you have consciousness, you have intelligence, you have reasoning power,thinking power.

Whence came this? I of myself have nothing; all of this, comes as the Gift of God, as the Grace of God. Acknowledge it. Acknowledge that I have: reasoning power, thinking power, intelligence, wisdom, guidance, direction and it comes to me as the Gift of God.

Acknowledge that I have an inner meat, that the world knows not of, an inner Substance, an inner Life, an inner Truth, an inner Grace! Ask of me say this to yourself: “Ask of me and I will give you living waters, spiritual meat. Say it silently and secretly to your family, to your children, to your neighbors: “I can give you living waters.” See how this changes the trend, of your thought from the natural man who is always seeking to get something. See how it changes you from being the natural man, who wants something—to being the spiritual Son of God who is always saying: “Ask of me and I can give you, I can give you the peace that passeth understanding, I can share with you the indwelling Christ peace that the Father has given me…” Just see how this reverses, the trend of your life. The natural man receiveth not the things of God. . . he is too busy receiving the things of “this world”, the baubles.The spiritual man is not only always receiving but, sharing because, he cannot lay up these treasures where moth and rust corrupt.

These spiritual treasures cannot be laid up; they’re always in expression, they’re always flowing out. You bring them to this room with you; you bring them to your home; you bring them to your business. And then you let them flow, to your enemy as well as to your friend. . .

“Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”

I share Christ blessings with friend and with foe... and hope that my foe. . .

may have the spiritual capacity to receive this, that I offer.

 But always I’m remembering:

If you ask me I will give you living waters

I will give you meat, you’ll never hunger again

I will give you bread, and you will never hunger, again.

I am come, that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.

And as you come to this room, with that in your consciousness:

I am come to this room, that there might be life here and life, eternal life abundant.

As you sit in your home and realize:

 I bring to this home, living waters;

I bring to this home divine Love;

I bring to this home the Grace of God;

and to this business.

Think! Think! Think! What is pouring out through you, to this world and then ask yourself, “How many years do you think it will be until there is peace on earth?” Not many because, there never has been peace on earth, because everyone has come here looking for it; and so few have ever come. . . to bring it.

The Master’s teaching is, that if there is to be peace on earth. . . I must bring “I am come that this earth might have peace”. . . and this is you speaking. The I of you; the Christ of you; the divine Son of you. If there is to be peace [on this] on this earth you must bring it, asyou brought it. . . to this room; as you will learn to bring it to your home; as you will learn to bring it to your business. So, if you bring peace, to this earth it will be there. If you like that natural man come looking for peace on earth. . . you will never find it. It isn’t here until you bring it.

What have you, in your consciousness?

Why you have the peace that passeth understanding and you can bring it

wherever you will; wherever you are;

because, in MY presence there is fulfillment.

In the Christ presence there is fulfillment

and Christ dwells in me.

The indwelling Christ, is the fulfillment… 

Thank you.