Joel Goldsmith’s Meditation on Body Each Day,

 p.112 Spiritual Healing.

“My body has neither qualities nor quantities of good or of evil. 

It has neither sickness nor health, is neither large nor small,

has neither life nor death:

My body is the temple of God,

 God-substance expressed as form and

embodying and including all the qualities and quantities

 which constitute God, the I am, the Soul.

My body has neither youth nor age. It is as ancient as

 God and as young as each new day.

My body is not governed by laws of matter or of mind, but by the grace of

God for ‘Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory.’

God is the light of my body. In my body is neither material darkness nor

mental ignorance, for God unfolds, discloses and reveals Himself as body –

as temple, a place of holiness and peace.

God’s grace sustains His body, which my body is.”