This video above just got available. Here is some of the transcript from this talk. More will be published soon:

You see, to the human being it is very important that they be healthy and to have a goodly measure of supply or an ample measure; and that they have friends, relatives, I understand that. But that’s of no importance to you or to me, and it shouldn’t be. It has no right to be of any importance to a truth student, whether they are healthy at the moment or not; whether they are wealthy at the moment or not—or even if they are in lack.

What difference does it make? There’s only one thing that’s really important: have I yet known God? Have I reached a point in my life where I know God? Tell me, really and truly what difference does it make how healthy I am, if I haven’t yet known God face to face? Tell me what difference does it make if I were as wealthy as the Gold Coast, but I haven’t found God? What would I do with that health and what would I do with that wealth? Just be more miserable, because I wouldn’t have poverty or sickness to worry about, so I’d have to look for something else.

Wim’s Note: That’s Joel speaking to you, clearing the decks. Did you find God?