Infinite Way Letter

January 1956

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 7 of 7


The Spiritual Path

Those of you who are serious students of The Infinite Way will be most anxious to share this truth with your loved ones, and you will yearn to take them also into this heaven. But this is not always possible. Even if it were possible to present this message to thousands of people at one time, only a few would be capable of receiving it. But to those who can receive it, this message is life itself because the Spirit within has drawn them unto their own.

By your example you will be able to influence some of your loved ones, with marked improvement evident in their lives, but others will desert you, because you will be living in a realm of consciousness far removed from their present state. No longer will you be able to converse with them about germs and mental-causes, the latest movies and newspaper scandals, because these things will seem superficial. Instead, you will want to be with those of your own household, with whom you can share these truths, and where the conversation is kept in heaven. This happens to every one who earnestly devotes himself to the spiritual path, and although it may be a lonely and heartbreaking experience for a time, the ultimate unfoldment of truth compensates to a far greater degree than anything of the materialistic world that you may lose.

End Part 7 of 7