Spiritual Healing Series part 1

Spiritual healing is much more than a purely physical experience or even a mental experience: Healing is finding an inner communion with something greater, far greater, than anything in he world; it is finding ourselves in God, finding ourselves in a spiritual peace, an inner peace, an inner glow, all of which comes to us with the realization of God with us, the presence and power of God felt. Resting in that peace, the body resumes its normal functions, and those functions are carried on by a power not our own. The body, then, begins to show forth perfect, complete health, youth, vitality, and strength, all the gift from God.
(From The Art Of Spiritual Healing, by Joel S. Goldsmith)

A Collection has been started with all the talks of Joel on Spiritual Healing. You can listen to the audio’s on Youtube. At the same time I will publish all his talks as transcripts too and will make a connection to both per post.


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