1953 Second Hawaiian Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

Tape 26A – The Four Essentials of Healing; The Secret of the Bible (1/5)

Good afternoon students. This is Joel, and I’m bringing you a short tape with some special instructions. The reason for this tape is this: Sometimes you read metaphysical writings; sometimes you read metaphysical articles in magazines and wonder why you’re not more effective or why you do not get a greater response from them. Also, it may be that you are giving treatments either to yourself or to others and not deriving the benefit, the fruitage that you expect. Of course, remember, I am dictating this only to those who are having this particular need. Those who are not getting the full benefit of whatever metaphysical work they are doing for themselves or others. I understand that for many of you this tape will not be necessary.

This also has another purpose. It has been my experience that writing helps to clarify an idea. That is, instead of just thinking about the idea, sometimes I write it out on paper, find that it isn’t satisfactory, tear it up, and write it out again, or just keep writing until whatever the idea is has clarified itself. And also from some experience that you have you may feel the desire to write an article, a metaphysical article, or an article on The Infinite Way, or spiritual wisdom, and so I would like to tell you that there are four essential points that must be included in every treatment you give and that must be found in every sound metaphysical article that is written.

Let me clarify this a moment. I do not mean that every time you are called upon for help you must think consciously of these four points since, of course, there will come a time when you will not consciously think of them at all. These points will have become a part of your very being. I might say to the young student in school that when you have a problem of twelve times twelve, that you first multiply by two and then multiply by one and then add the results together and you will have one hundred and forty-four. Of course, you who are out in the world now there is no such thing; you don’t have to do any such thing. Twelve times twelve is a hundred and forty-four, and everyone knows that.

So in just this way I am saying to you that every treatment must have these four points in it and yet the day will come when you will get the results without consciously going through the mental rehearsal of these steps. Nor am I limiting a treatment to four points. Actually, a treatment might unfold a dozen points if your attention were on it long enough, but no treatment that has to be given that you have to be consciously thinking of, no treatment would really be a complete one without including these four points, and no metaphysical article that you could write and no metaphysical book that you could write would really be effective in the world without these four points. You may look around the metaphysical field and find hundreds of books which have been printed. Most of them with just one printing, and here and there one or two without including these points, but it won’t be long until these books will be out of print and off of the market except for those that still circulate from the original printing.

On the other hand, there are some books that have been printed and published for twenty, thirty, forty years, but those you will find include these four steps. And as I said, it isn’t that you have to consciously think of these four steps every time you give a treatment after these four have become part of your being. But if you are beginning in metaphysical study or metaphysical practice, if you are beginning to give treatments I would suggest that you make these four points bone of your bone, blood of your blood. Make them so much a part of you that you know them as thoroughly as you know that twelve times twelve equals a hundred and forty-four.