Infinite Way Letter

January 1956

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 6 of 7


A Note to Practitioners and Advanced Students

When a claim of error arises, the metaphysician or truth student is quick to answer with a denial, or with some sort of affirmation of truth. In the earlier stages of one’s study and practice this is well, and it is necessary, but the practitioner or advanced student should not meet any case in this way.

Since every claim is an argument, to answer back, either with a denial or an affirmation, is to use argument against the argument, and in this way a battle is enjoined. From the standpoint of the higher understanding of spiritual practice, one should not make any denial, nor should one voice a truth in contradiction of an error. To voice a truth in contradiction of an error is meeting the error head-on, and it is using the very weapon of the error. The error is an argument, and the moment one answers back, even with a word of truth, the battle has begun.

Under no circumstances should an advanced student make a declaration of truth to refute an argument of error. Resist the temptation to know any truth, and when presented with an argument of a negative nature stand fast without permitting a single thought of affirmation or denial to enter your mind. By thus standing without mentally refuting the appearance, you attain an attitude of receptivity and Truth quickly fills your consciousness.

This is the “Middle Path” referred to in the Writings and taught in the Practitioners’ Classes.

End Part 6