Infinite Way Letter

January 1956

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 5 of 7


Part Two

None of the things so feared and dreaded by the world can cause inharmony in your experience unless you endow them with the power to do so, but you give them that power whenever you believe that because you have been a bit resentful or envious or unkind you must expect some dire result. Countless people are holding themselves under so-called “laws” of sin and disease by saying, “My envy, my jealousy, my hatred is causing this discord.” Even practitioners sometimes bind their patients in the belief of disease and discord by giving power to mental-cause. Mental-cause is no more power than is physical cause, but if you make such laws for yourself you will surely bring them into being. If you believe that germs have power to cause disease so it will be in your experience. On the other hand, if you believe that germs do not have power, but that wrong thinking does, you have made that a law unto yourself. If the germ theory is a belief then, likewise, the mental-cause theory is a belief, in spite of the fact that, to human sense, worry produces ulcers and germs cause disease. But—does that make them laws, or does it make them beliefs which are accepted as laws?

In the world where germs and mental causes are accepted a law, disease and inharmony are rampant. Regardless of what laws the world may set up for itself, there is only one law, and it is this: God is! God is Life; God is Love; God is Power; God is Spirit. God is infinite spiritual Law: therefore, neither error nor sin nor disease nor death has power to perpetuate itself because there is no law to sustain them!

As you rise into the spiritual realm you will more clearly understand the words of Genesis: “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” Since God made all that was made, and all that God made is good, that which God did not make was never made. There is no evil presence, no evil power, no evil cause. When you know the truth that disease or error has no cause, no continuity, no being, no law, it will have no effect.

You may be assured that God is functioning perfectly even while hospitals are overflowing with the sick; while wars wipe out millions; while infection and contagion encircle the globe; while innocent children are born deaf and blind. Why is this so? Of what good is God to all these people who seem as branches that are cut off and withereth? The answer is given by the Psalmist who says that you must dwell in the secret place of the most High; by the Master who says that you must abide in this Truth, and let this Truth abide in you; by Paul who says that you must pray without ceasing! It is absolutely necessary that you know, consciously, that God is the only power—and this is the truth that will make you free!

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