Join with me, by choosing now to allow your attention to relax from the things of the world. Allow the eyes to gently close, as a symbol of your willingness to set aside your involvement with, and your attachment to, the things of this created world. Join with me, by allowing the body to be set free. This requires only that you make no demands upon it. Indeed, let it settle in, as though it were becoming again the dust of the ground from which it came.

This is the beginning of Lesson 11 of the Way of Mastery. Today Wim reads Lesson 11. All is contained that one lesson. It is a representation of the whole idea of your Reality of Being: ” I am loved; I am loving; I am lovable, forever” . Let this phrase be as a stairway that descends from the world of your making to the depth of Perfect Peace. Practice gently descending and ascending upon the Ladder of Awareness. Descending the stairway to the quiet places of the Heart. In order to learn to act only from that depth of Perfect Wisdom, Perfect Safety, and Perfect Peace.

In this video you can immerse yourself in the practice of every aspect of this with perfect instructions that eventually take away every threshold. Below the video you an download the Lesson 11 of the Way of Mastery in pdf file.

The Way Of Mastery Lesson 11