Are you realizing that you are sustained by the Love of God? Well start or continue to realize that to the fullest with a little booklet I like to share.

From my own experience, you can read this on a daily basis, you can read this whenever you want, whether it is in a bus stop, in an airplane, in an airport, in bed, at the breakfast table, in lunchtime, when you wake up in the middle of the night, when you can’t sleep, when you just wake up, when you have a dentist appointment, when you are feeling bored, when you feel excited, when you are in love, when you just lost the one you love, when you want a speedup in your awakening, when you feel stuck in your transformation, you probably get it. It is helpful whenever you remember or want to remember you are sustained by the Love of God.

If you rather listen to it, you can use this YouTube video too:

But here is the “I am Sustained by the Love of God” 20 minute book. In a downloadable PDF version. Enjoy!