In this moment of spiritual communion, I have no envy in my heart. I have no desires in my heart. No jealousy, no greed, no lust, no animality. I set this world free. There’s nothing it has that I want. Since I and the Father are one, I receive my good by the grace of God. And whatever good should flow into me and out from me, I freely give to all, to every neighbor, friend, or foe“. J.S.Goldsmith

In this class Wim uses the first 2 Meditations of How To Heal 40 Day Meditations (see Below) from Joel S. Goldsmith, to create a healing foundation to the class. There is not God and me, no. I and the Father are One. The second meditation brings us to the experience of direct communication with God or with every aspect of Creation. An actual physical experience of light and love. Opening of your Solar Plexus, deep breaths, glowing hands, etc. etc.

The first 6 Miracle Principles from A Course in Miracles help us to shift our awareness from the horizontal to the vertical plane. “Miracles are always affirmations of rebirth, which seem to go back, but always go forward“.

In the Way of Knowing, Lesson 4 it is all about seeing the body in a different way, not as a limitation, but as a communication device.


Way Of Knowing Lesson 4

50 Miracles Principles, from A Course In Miracles

How To Heal 40 Day Meditations, from Joel S. Goldsmith