Where is an illusion at all times?  Within you, within your own mind.  So that when your patient or your student says to you, “I am sick.”  You know that’s an illusion.  Does that mean that they are an illusion, or their body is an illusion?  No.  It means that you, in believing them, are suffering from an illusion.  You, the practitioner, are suffering from the illusion if you are believing what they are showing you, or if you believe what you see, hear, touch or smell about them.  That’s illusion.  But its just as much an illusion as if they were to say to you, “I am well.”  Why even humanly the first thing you ought to say is, “Have you got a doctor’s certificate to prove it?  You look well and may not have a pain, but what would the doctor say?”  “Oh, I never thought of that.”  But even if the doctor said you are well, don’t believe that; because that is only based on an illusory concept of body; a material sense of body which materia medica entertains.  And they are presenting their illusion to you.

Now how do we know this?  Well there is a lady right out here who the other night was ill with fever that she was sure that she would not make it here to class, or feared at least that she wouldn’t, but she made it.  So what happened to the fever?  Now you know that she was miles and miles away from me, so I didn’t touch it; and I didn’t giver her any medicines; and I didn’t do anything physically, but the fever left.  Now you tell me where it left.  First let me tell you where it was.  It was an illusion up here in human belief.  And when she presented it to me and I didn’t accept it, it dropped dead.  If I had accepted it, it would have continued. Error continues forever and forever until it hits the state of consciousness that doesn’t accept it, and one with God is the majority.  Is that clear?

The world was flat; it was square.  For thousands of years it stayed that way until Galileo came along.  And all of a sudden the squares began to dissolve; the flatness began to disappear, and by the time we get up to Christopher Columbus, it is entirely gone.  Where is it square?  In the illusory sense of it. Did Galileo or Copernicus or Christopher Columbus change it?  Not one single bit of it.  It is still the way it was when they saw it, but our concept now is nearer truth.  The sun goes around the earth, or the earth goes around the sun.  Which way? Now we are commencing to perceive which way. But at one time it was believed the other way.  That was illusion.  But was the illusion ever externalized?  No.  The illusion exists in universal, human beliefs, or universal human thoughts.  Do you understand that?

Now, here it is: it exists in universal human belief.  But all of a sudden I come along and decide individually to believe it.  So I make that belief mine.  And I say, “I am ill.”  And I am, now after I have said it, and made it a part of me.  I have taken it out of the universal and I have made it personal to me.  And you see, unless I can find a metaphysician who will agree to disagree, who will refuse to accept that even though I can show it to them, who will refuse to take it in, who will stand back and say, “Now wait a minute, wait a minute; how can this be if there is a God ‘and’? God is infinite.  Oh well, that is the end of it, if there is a God and God is infinite; then this cannot be.”  Do you see that?  Now you have to have the same vision that Galileo had, or that Christopher Columbus had in looking at a flat world.  A vision that doesn’t merely see through the mind, but that has an intuitive sense that sees through the appearance.  Do you follow that?

Now, when I look out here, and with my eyes see young people, middle-aged people, and old people; that’s what the eyes tell us.  But what does my developed spiritual awareness tell me?  There is nothing our here but the life of God.  Now what happens when I perceive that?  The old start to feel young again.  Do you see that?  The sick begin to feel well again.  That’s why one person on a platform can heal a hundred out here if they are receptive.  If they come there, not in an argumentative mood, not in a defying mood, but if they come, as Jesus said, as a child, and then say, “Good, let your spiritual vision of me touch me.” And then the one on the platform heals many out here.

Now all of you who have had experience in metaphysics have known lecturers, teachers, who have occupied platforms and have had wonderful healings right out there.  People they didn’t know; people that didn’t specifically ask for help.   

I had that experience many years ago.  I had an experience of, you might carry this back to him now; I had an experience for several years of a very bad ear.  In those days I traveled the Middle West, that is the Great Lakes territory, and every winter when the cold winds came, I had a jumping toothache in my ear.  And it wasn’t pleasant. On this particular year I arrived in New York in mid-winter with a very painful ear, and it was Judge Green who was lecturing in Greenwich Village.  And I went down to hear him.  And the auditorium was filled, so we had to wait outside until he was finished, and then he went over it again a second time.  And I heard him and I enjoyed him so much that when they announced that he would be up in 178th St. that night, I decided to hear him up there.  And I traveled up to 178th St. and I heard and in the middle of his lecture (POP) my ear went that way.  And that was the last time that ear has ever bothered me; I suppose 40 years ago, 35, 40.