Now there are lecturers not only in Christian Science, but in the other metaphysical fields, who are spiritually developed men and women.  And when they are on the platform somebody gets healed. It may only be one or two, but it can be ten or twelve; it could be a hundred if they are receptive. The reason is that the individual knows that all sense of humanhood is illusory whether it is good or bad.  And they don’t sit up here trying to change it, they sit up here realizing the invisible Christ Self, or the invisible Christ sense of supply, the invisible spiritual being which I am and which you are, and which is not young, nor middle aged, nor old, but eternally the Son of God.

Now, when an individual refuses to accept the appearance of good health or good supply, and refuses to accept bad health or bad supply, but is willing to hold to the truth that what I see with my eyes, what I hear with my ears, that is an illusory sense.  What I know in my heart, that’s truth. What do I know in my heart?  God made all that was made, and all that God made is good.

Now, this is the truth.  The truth is God constitutes individual being; your being and mine.  And even your body is the temple of the living God.  I can’t see that with my eyes, but inwardly, that’s why I’m in this work; inwardly I have discerned that that is the truth.  Everyone who practices spiritual healing has discerned the truth or they can never be successful.  They have discerned the truth that you must not believe what you see even when it looks good.  But that inwardly you must always hold to the spiritual reality, which is God and God’s creation.

Now then, we come to the part of last night’s work that was confusing, and that is where I said that my mind imbued with truth becomes the law of harmony unto my body, my business, or your body or your business.  That is exactly what I meant.  If my mind is imbued, has received this truth, that I and my Father are one, and that spiritual reality is the only reality, then that mind imbued with truth becomes the law of your health. That’s what makes a treatment effective.  The mind of the practitioner imbued with truth. Now the mind of a person not imbued with truth, the unillumined human mind, the mind that has never practiced metaphysical truth, that mind can’t heal anything.  That mind can’t bless except humanly.  That mind cannot bring about health, supply, harmony in your experience.  There might be good humans that do you a good favor humanly, they might give you money humanly, they might pay for a vacation humanly, but spiritually they have no power to benefit you.  But that same person a year later with a year spent with their mind and heart and soul in spiritual literature and scripture, that same person, that same mind now imbued with truth becomes a law of health and healing unto those who reach out to you.  Is that clear?

Now always remember this; if there is someone out here who is new to truth, do not be surprised if you cannot heal.  If after several years of study you cannot heal, then begin to examine yourself and see whether you have just read books and felt a little flurry of something, or whether you have studied to know the principles and practiced until your consciousness was lifted to where it no longer believes the sky sits on the ocean, or railroad tracks come together, but can instinctively look through that appearance to that which is actually there.  Now remember this.  A practitioner does not heal you.  A practitioner does not reform you or enrich you.  You are already these things.  Just like the world was already round when Christopher Columbus proved it.  He didn’t make it so; he proved it to be so.  Now you are the offspring of God.  You are spiritual.  You are heir of God; joint heir with Christ to all of the heavenly riches.  You are in the kingdom of God now.  Your body is the temple of the living God now.  Your business is the temple of the living God.  Your family is the temple of the living God.  Your home is the temple, because God constitutes all that God made. God is the reality of your being, your body, your business, your family, your health, your supply, your profession, your art, your talent.  God constitutes these, therefore you can say, “I’m the temple of the living God” or you can say, “My body is the temple of the living God. My talent is the temple of the living God. My business is the temple of the living God.  My art, my profession, my home, my family life, my community life; these are temples.  God raised them up; God erected them, and God maintains them and sustains them.

Now you, having spent years of study; you look out and you see a wrecked temple, physical temple, mental, moral or financial temple.  By now you don’t believe in appearances because you know that appearances are only the product of this mesmeric illusion like the sky sitting on the water, the track coming together in the distance, the mirage out in the desert.  You know now that these are only mesmeric pictures.  They exist only up here in universal belief.  But now instead of fearing them and hating them, now you look right through them and say, “I know thee who thou art—the fabric of nothingness, the fabric of hypnotism.  The son of your father— nothingness—no power, no presence.  And so by not believing in appearances, by not accepting them; by consciously rejecting them; by refusing to entertain them, and by a trace of spiritual discernment, which enables you to know that there couldn’t possibly be a God “and” a wrecked temple, especially when God created that temple to begin with.  And God is its law, its creator, maintainer and sustainer, and the substance of it. Then do you not see that your mind imbued with truth is now the law unto any situation and to every situation?  But your mind unimbued with truth, that which has been called the unillumined human mind, all that it can do is look out there at that sky sitting on the water and say,  “Oh how I wish I could sail a boat beyond that, but I guess I can’t.  That sky will block me.”  Or you look out at the railroad tracks and you say, “I can never take a train because it can only go a few feet.”  That’s the unillumined human mind.

Now, those high in the area of metaphysical truth have revealed to us that we must not judge by appearances; we must judge righteously. We must not judge, criticize, condemn after the seeing of our eyes, for this brings us the picture of the mesmeric mind, the unillumined mind, the mind of ignorance, that which neither sees, hears, tastes, touches nor smells correctly.  But judge righteous judgment means have an inner developed spiritual sense.  So if you are called upon to go in a prison to help a prisoner, that you don’t go in there judging them, condemning them, hating them or fearing them, but you go in there saying, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.  This is Thy beloved child in spite of appearances.”  And then you will find what we have found over all the years, that I have found all the years we have had prison work that the wardens always say, “You men are blessings in this institution.”  They always say that.  Why?  Because the metaphysicians that go in there do not go in to reform sinners.  They do not go in there to pity anybody or to preach to them, but to reveal to them their true identity.  That is what we do in this class work.  We say in this class work, and every enlightened metaphysician should be teaching this, that God has raised up His temple, which this world is, and it is perfect.  And you don’t have to pray that the stars come out tonight or that the sun comes up tomorrow, or that rain comes in its season, or that fish swim in the sea, or that birds fly in the air.  You don’t have to pray about that.  You don’t have to pray that roses come from rose bushes, or that apples come from apple trees, or that bananas from banana trees.   You only have to sit and bear witness to the fact that God is doing this always.