Purification is a continuous process, and I don’t mean for a year or two, I mean forever, as far as I’m concerned. It is a praying without ceasing, because the world mesmerism is terrific and it will reach through into your consciousness unless you are alert, and are able quickly, constantly to impersonalize. Once you can do that you can meditate, because then your mind is not warring with anybody or anything.DSC07167

The mind will be still if there is no warfare, but there is always warfare if you have two powers, if you have good and evil, if you have desires, if you are still struggling to attain or achieve something, the mind can’t be at rest. Now there isn’t any reason, really, to be struggling for anything; especially anything of a spiritual nature; because the struggle will prevent your attaining it. The struggle is mental and as long as there is a mental activity you won’t have the Spirit. It is only when you realize that I already am, that the struggle is over. The struggle is all gone if I already am.

Wim’s Note: What Joel is teaching here is so uncompromising. You can experience it as uncomfortable when you let this in. But it is fundamental and essential for the transformation of your mind from natural man to spiritual man. So don’t worry about the uncomfortable-ness of this, it’s only temporal. Resistance is useless 🙂