October 1964

Jnana Marga in Christianity . On page 223 of this pdf, you can find a teaching by Joel S. Goldsmith. Below an introduction.

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Joel  is teaching for the Ramana Maharishi Community via the Mountain Path Quarterly. Jnana Marga according to the Dictionary of Spiritual Terms:  the spiritual “path” (mārgav) of “knowledge” (jnāna) and intellection.

Here the Introduction by the publisher:

Contemplative Meditation with Scripture

Christianity has developed almost entirely as “bhakti-marga”, a religion of dualistic worship and devotion. The teaching of Joel Goldsmith is a remarkable reminder of the possibility of jnana-marga that it contains. It is an illustration also of the truth that jnana-marga, the ‘ path of knowledge’, does not imply philosophy or erudition but is as simple as it is profound. If any followers of the Maharshi, trained to equate jnana-marga with Self-enquiry, find Joel Goldsmith’s method of concentrating on biblical texts strange, they should recall that it is very close to the use of Mahdvdkyds recommended by Shankaracharya.

This article is specially written for ‘ The Mountain Path’. Shortly before his sad demise
in June this year, mentioned briefly in our July issue, Joel Goldsmith had sent us a series of
articles for publication in  The Mountain Path starting with this one. These will be published as previously arranged. We take the opportunity to declare our deep appreciation for this great Christian mystic who expressed his profound understanding in simple language that all could follow.

See pdf for the rest of this article.