What made Jesus the Christ? His realization of the Omnipresence of good. Is that true? Certainly, that’s what made him the Christ. Before that he was a carpenter, and then later he was a rabbi, but now he’s the savior of the world. What makes that change? The realization of the omnipresence of the bread of love, the realization of the omnipresence of the spiritual love, the realization that his own consciousness was illumined. That made him the Christ. That makes you the Christ. That makes you the avenue through which the spiritual wisdom of love, love, love flows to all the branches, those who do not yet know the source of all good.

And so even before you come before the Holy of Holies, the moment you gain your recognition and realization of Omnipresence, that constitutes your Christhood. You are only a branch until you came to the realization of Omnipresence within you, and then the realization of Omnipresence within you, constitutes your Christhood, and makes you the practitioner, the teacher, the helper, the guide to all those who now turn, as branches, in to you. Is that clear?

It should be clearer by tomorrow night, if you will devote some time tonight and tomorrow to this. Please let us remember that this is a week, not only of instruction, but practice, and that this meditation is the most important work that we have had up to date. We, I say—in The Infinite Way.

It is the most important work that we have had in the entire Infinite Way work up to date, because we have already seen in the experience of those who have learned this meditation, that when consciously performed, it leads them right to the Temple of God, the Ark of the Covenant, and becomes a daily source of inspiration.

Always, the moment we have divested ourselves of our mortal and material concepts, the moment we have come to stand before that shewbread and the lights, and come into the realization, “Why here and now, within me, is the kingdom of God.” We have established our Christhood, our sonship in God, our heritage as joint heirs with Christ in God. And from that moment on, we feed and heal the multitudes.

So, until tomorrow night … thank you.


Good Morning. This is Joel in Waikiki. I am in my apartment overlooking the mountains, the hills from whence cometh my help.

In this Temple Meditation the entire point is the raising of ones consciousness until one reaches an elevation from which they look out upon this universe of God, and behold only that which God beholds, knows only that which God knows.

“I look unto the hills from whence cometh my help.” I look up into the heightened consciousness, to the consciousness of the most high.

Just as the Temple Meditation serves to lift us in consciousness to the awareness of God Itself, just as it lifts us into the very atmosphere of God, so as we look into the hills, or as we learn to take our silent, quiet walks in the park, in flower gardens, by the river, or lake, so do we learn in our aloneness to reach the heights, those very mountains from whence cometh our help.

You see, our help comes from the height of our spiritual vision. Our help comes from the degree of our mountaintop experiences. Anything that serves to lift us in consciousness above the clamber of the senses, above the noises of “this world” will serve to bring us into an atmosphere of peace. And what do you think that you find when you reach the divine Consciousness?

When we touch the center of our being … when we reach the divine heights of inspiration, we find God, but we find that it is literally true that God is not a God of battle. God is not a God of power, no more than God is a God of vengeance, as we formerly learned or believed.

God is a deep silence. God is a stillness—a stillness of all that is human. God is not a power. God is a deep well of stillness, of silence, of peace. In quietness and in confidence we find our strength. In God we find our strength, for God is quietness, confidence, peace.

As we attain the heights of revelation we find no great powers wrecking and ruining the evil forces of the world. We find there are no evil forces of the world. There is only one; one being—Spirit; one cause—Spirit; one activity—Spirit; one love—the Soul of you and the Soul of me. There is nothing in that Soul that contends, argues, battles, or rises above. There is a deep-seated peace. There is a joy. There is a harmony.

As we attain the atmosphere of God, whether we have worked our way up there through the Temple Meditation, or whether we have accomplished it by looking into the hills around our city, up into the sky at night, into the stars, and about the moon, or whether we have attained it by a quiet walk by the lake in the park, we find always the same thing: peace, a sense of peace and sense of stillness and a sense of joy.

No doubt you are having problems to meet in your personal life. There may still be evidences of illness, unhappiness, lack, discord of one name or nature or another, and in trying to meet these you have known about all of the truths that you know. You have declared and stated all that you have found in scripture and in the writings. And it may well be that the time now has come to lift yourself above might and power, even of declared truth, and rest more in the atmosphere of His Spirit—in that deep well of contentment.

You might try it. Live through the Temple Meditation again, or having done that, take a walk out into the evening or late afternoon, and find a quiet place to sit and meditate; perhaps even in some church that is not having a meeting. In quietness, in confidence, sit, and wait. Be still. Just be still and wait, and listen for the voice. You are not in need of any power with which to meet any problem. Your only need now is stillness, quietness, confidence, assurance, and these things come to you from within as a “Peace be still.”

Then, in this holy atmosphere of God, you behold the meaning of one. “Hear Oh Israel, the Lord, our God is One”—one being, one law, one love. The time is coming when the students of The Infinite Way will begin to understand God as One, and will no longer attempt to use God, to use love, or even to think of God as a power over error.

Of old, only the priests were allowed to enter the Holy of Holies. But today, in our enlightenment we know that spiritualized man is a priest. Every man is a priest as he attains spiritual consciousness, as he attains some measure of awareness of God. In attaining the inner Sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, we are attaining the state of consciousness of the priest—that is the one who not only serves God, but is supported by God.

You see, the very robe of the priest, his emblem of office, is also the source of his supply, and that is a little secret that we have in the message of The Infinite Way, that as you attain spiritual consciousness, an awareness of God, you automatically put on the robe of priesthood.

And then learn that your health unfolds from that Robe, from that attained state of spiritual consciousness, and that your supply unfolds from the same source, not by might, nor by power, not by a struggle out in the world, but by the invisible Robe you now wear. The invisible Robe that denotes you have attained priesthood in consciousness. You have attained the spiritual state of consciousness from which now all your good will unfold.

Oh, it is so beautiful to come to a place where there is no struggle, no strife. A place in consciousness from which we watch, behold the very wonderful good of God revealing Itself in our experience.

This is the place in consciousness to which we are coming, because we look to the hills for our help. We look to our own enlightened state of consciousness. We look to the heights of spiritual development that we, ourselves, attain and from the deep within we watch the beauties of God unfold unto the experience of the without.

Aloha, aloha, this is Joel.