From – Beyond Words and Thoughts

By Joel Goldsmith

Excerpt-Ch.7– ‘World Work for All Infinite Way Students’

Intelligent World Work

Praying for the world does not mean praying for peace on earth because that is praying for an effect. We can pray only that the kingdom of God be realized on earth as it is in heaven, and then that realization will bring peace.

If, through our experiences with a spiritual message, we have had some proof that in the presence of the Christ the carnal mind is not power, then we can go on to the greater realization that the carnal mind is the “arm of flesh,” or nothingness. If we can become convinced that the carnal mind is a nothingness, we should have no trouble at all in engaging in world work because, whether it is manifesting as one individual or as a billion individuals, there is only one carnal mind. When we can perceive that the carnal mind is nonpower in the realization of the presence of the Christ, we are helping nullify it for the world.

It is not enough to know that the carnal mind is not power. We must know that it is only in the realization of the presence of the Christ that it is not power. The carnal mind is power on its own level of action. Those who want to drop bombs will drop them, unless and until the activity of the Christ stops them. Nothing else is going to stop them. It is only when this carnal mind comes into contact with the Christ, with our individual Christ-consciousness, that it is proved to be of no power. Wherever Jesus moved with his Christ-activated consciousness, sin, disease, and death disappeared on his coming. So, too, it is with each one of us. Wherever we move with some measure of spiritual endowment, some measure of sin and disease must dissolve.