Here are two excerpts from this new video. The transcripts of the video’s will be published soon.

The purification itself means the ability to have that mind which was in Christ DSC07182Jesus, meaning the mind that does not judge, criticize, condemn; that does not have two powers; and that can impersonalize and nothingize. That is all there is to self-purification. But, the act of self-purification by this means results outwardly in a changed state of what appears as human consciousness. Therefore erroneous human traits begin to dissolve and ultimately, to disappear—probably not leaving us perfect in this world, but working in that direction.

The inner experiences that we have, and the inner experiences that come to us, and the instruction that comes and the wisdom, the guidance, the direction comes only at those times when we are living in that consciousness of no condemnation, of impersonalization, and they can’t come to us at any other time. That is the full meaning of that statement that “When you go to the altar and pray, and there remember that anyone has ought against thee, first get up and make thy peace”.

Joel S Goldsmith