1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

267B – Self-Purification, Continued 1/4

 I feel sure that our visitors from over the seas have felt this Aloha spirit in Hawaii and go away happy. And a little more of it is on tap for us. At two o’clock sharp tomorrow, in this room, our local students in Hawaii are giving this tea for all the rest of our students from all over, and all of us are going to be welcomed here—at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon in this room—very happy about that. And I’m grateful too for the work that our students have done, all of our students, in the different activities here throughout all of this time. I’m very grateful too for those of our students who are here from overseas, who are active in their own fields and have become the centers of light—sometimes in their community, sometimes in their state, sometimes in a whole nation.

Naturally, no spiritual light is ever given to us for our own benefit. That would be an impossibility. When spiritual light touches us, it is that that light may radiate. And therefore each one as they receive some measure of light, even a tiny measure, becomes active in one way or another in a spiritual capacity. That is why some of our students conduct their tape work; others are engaged in library activities, some in healing work, and in some way or other, whatever light is revealed within us must be radiated. It compels it; we have nothing to do with that; it compels it.

There are people who are busy at work in one or another metaphysical activity, who have not been called, who have not received the light, but it satisfies some sense of ego, ambition. But it isn’t that that I’m speaking of; I’m speaking of those who do receive a measure of light—when they receive it, they’re immediately put to work, and not by man, not by woman—it is by the Spirit Itself that entered them.

Even as Paul had to risk his life over and over and over again, after he changed from Saul to Paul, even as the disciples risked and endured prison, persecution; so you will find in the religious literature of the world that all who received light and went out, even if it meant the loss of their own human life, or persecution, or starvation. It is an impossibility for a person to receive light and be able to hide in a cave somewhere with it. It isn’t done; it can’t be done. That light Itself propels one to be of service, to be active.

And so it is that all of us who are engaged in any way, or in any degree in this work, need have no feelings about wanting credit for it or praise, because we are doing that which we are compelled to do, and would have to do, even if it involved persecution or prison, imprisonment or death.

Remember this, that as you proceed on this way, the very moment that you feel yourself touched with this light, it won’t be long afterward when you will find yourself engaging in some form of activity. And this, ultimately, will be the means of perpetuating the message of The Infinite Way. No message will ever be perpetuated by sending out human missionaries or human lecturers or teachers or practitioners; it never will. The only way a message can be perpetuated is if the principles of that message register with one and become demonstrable, then that very Spirit Itself draws unto the individual their activity, and that perpetuates it. And that’s the way it must be in this work. Nevertheless, I am grateful to everyone who, in any way at all, is active in this message.

Now, I believe that I have answered this question about purification of our desires, purification of our selfhood. It doesn’t in the beginning have anything to do with trying to become better human beings. That is only the effect of the purification. The purification itself means the ability to have that mind which was in Christ Jesus, meaning the mind that does not judge, criticize, condemn; that does not have two powers; and that can impersonalize and nothingize. That is all there is to self-purification. But, the act of self-purification by this means results outwardly in a changed state of what appears as human consciousness. Therefore erroneous human traits begin to dissolve and ultimately, to disappear—probably not leaving us perfect in this world, but working in that direction.

Now, I feel that for the first time it is going to be easier for every student—every serious student of The Infinite Way—to attain this purification, this spiritual state of consciousness that realizes: God is individual being, and therefore can impersonalize every appearance of evil. Because this message is now condensed into ten tapes: “The Maui Advanced Work” numbers five and six; “The Hawaiian Village Open” numbers three and four; and the six tapes of this class. These three points have been so harped on, so persistently presented, presented in so many different ways, and in such concentrated form, that I am sure that a student with the background of the writings can, with the help of these particular tapes, complete the development of their own spiritual consciousness through the practice of what’s on these tapes.

Now, the tapes are available almost everywhere. Naturally those who want them in their own home may purchase them, but it isn’t a matter of purchase; it is a matter that every community in which there is Infinite Way activity, or in which there are Infinite Way students, will surely have one or more sets of them, so that those students who have not the facilities for having them in their own home, can certainly make arrangements to study them somewhere, sometime, with other students. And I know right well what they will do, because I know what I feel about the nature of this work.

Let me tell you that when we were in Holland last year, it was the night before the opening of that International Conference on seeking a means of attaining world peace through spiritual means, that Emma and I were meditating, and evidently a message came to her which she did not tell me. But the next day, this lady who has been living with the Queen of Holland and has been her practitioner and teacher, and who is a most beautiful and wonderful mystic, joined us for a meditation. We went up to one of the rooms and we had a most beautiful meditation together. And while meditating, she said, “I have a message for you Joel, and it is: ‘Joel, go home immediately and be quiet and do not see anyone and wait for the next message that is to be given you, before you start out.’”

And as she was talking, tears came to Emma’s eyes, and this woman turned around and said, “Oh yes, I know you received the message before this,” and she had; she said so. It had come the night before, in those very words. And you know that immediately all work was canceled. We still had two months of lecture and classwork, but they were canceled.

We returned home, and I had one full month of retreat here, seeing no one, and then after that, just a few here and there once in awhile, until on April eighth the message was given to me. And with that began this present unfoldment, and then began the imparting of it. And it started with a tape, “Halekou Special” number three, on one side of which is that “June Letter” on Specific Treatment. And right after that began the work on Maui, and then up here in this room, all of which has led up to this class. So that…Oh yes, and then I received a letter from this lady saying, “Now leave for a trip to all of the countries where The Infinite Way activity is.” And that letter came just about a week after I had made arrangements for our air ticket.