FLOW TO GOD. An invitation

From today on we will be starting a new action: FLOW TO GOD

We invite you to send in your expression. How do you demonstrate your FLOW TO GOD? This can be done in many different ways. Now the time has come to express yourself. This website is your platform.

Just like Joel said in one of our latest post “Start the Flow to God” :

Anyone who has ever taught can tell you that you only learn by teaching. Nobody learns by being taught; everyone learns by teaching. The more you teach, the more you know, because when you open your mouth to teach, there is something that is putting more in your mouth than you ever knew.

Where I invite you to is:

  • Send in an audio 0f max. 20 minutes where you demonstrate personally your FLOW TO GOD. Use your own expression of it please.
  • Send in a picture or a video you made that for you expresses your FLOW TO GOD.
  • Send in an audio recording of music or singing that you do to express your FLOW TO GOD.
  • What else you can come up with in your expression of the FLOW TO GOD

Please fill in the form below so I can send you the details of this procedure. Thanks for participating!!



  1. don’t quite know what you mean by “Flow to God” like there’s somewhere to flow to? God & I are one now…please explain.


    1. I think it is more on realizing the Presence of God within you and as you.. Flow to God is like putting all the our experiences as the activity of God in you.. Constant meditation is the key. 😊😊😊


      1. well, I think that’s what I said. Should have said “the Presence of God flowing in and through me”. Gotta get the words right apparently. Our bathroom toilet and sink have been blocked up all day. Is this also God flowing through…apparently he is blocked. BTW, I dont’ take anything seriously since I know God is only Love. No need to reply…just notice when you need to have the last word.


  2. Thanks for the invitation to explain. For that I use a couple of references from the text “Start the flow to God” as being posted in the last couple of days, Joel says:

    “Now when I take that position in life, that I am the center through which God is FLOWING, there is no limitation to what I can give, or share or be or do, because I’m claiming nothing of myself. I am claiming the allness of God as the measure of my individual capacity”.

    “Now I am telling you these things, not for any personal reason. I am telling them to you as exemplifications of these spiritual truths, that you must cast your bread upon the water, if you want it to come back to you. And you must acknowledge that you already have the allness, and then, as you are called on, be willing to give, share, or spend, so that it FLOW OUT from you. And never, never take the stand that you have a demonstration to make, that you have a lack that must be fulfilled, that you have a need. Never acknowledge it, even when it’s there. Admit it as an appearance, but not as a reality”.

    “So it is, the more we spend out in currency, in the right direction, the more the FLOW will be. And the stronger the FLOW we let out, the stronger the FLOW will pour in. But it all has its basis in this: You must put your bread upon the water. You are the one who has to release it before it can return to you. You are the one who must acknowledge that you have. You have all infinity. You have eternality, why, you have the Grace of God. What more can any of us have, or want, or need than the Grace of God?”

    “It is God’s love that we permit to FLOW through us, and we permit it to FLOW in infinity of abundance, and strength, and power, and so forth.
    But all of this goes back, remember, to our basic premise: there is no power operating in this universe to keep you from your health or from your abundant supply. And if you can accept that and stop working for supply, and stop working for home, and stop working for companionship, and stop working for health, and begin to accept God’s infinity, you will find it FLOWING in every direction through you”.

    So Margaret this basically is an invitation to extend yourself. To be the channel that expresses your experience of the flow of Grace you are experiencing, in the way of expression that is exactly suited for you. (“Protect everything you value by the act of giving it away”)
    Thank you


    1. yes, after reading the “Flow” posts by Joel, I now know what you mean. I will join in by writing my comments. Thanks for everything Wim.


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