From today on we will be starting a new action: FLOW TO GOD

We invite you to send in your expression. How do you demonstrate your FLOW TO GOD? This can be done in many different ways. Now the time has come to express yourself. This website is your platform.

Just like Joel said in one of our latest post “Start the Flow to God” :

Anyone who has ever taught can tell you that you only learn by teaching. Nobody learns by being taught; everyone learns by teaching. The more you teach, the more you know, because when you open your mouth to teach, there is something that is putting more in your mouth than you ever knew.

Where I invite you to is:

  • Send in an audio 0f max. 20 minutes where you demonstrate personally your FLOW TO GOD. Use your own expression of it please.
  • Send in a picture or a video you made that for you expresses your FLOW TO GOD.
  • Send in an audio recording of music or singing that you do to express your FLOW TO GOD.
  • What else you can come up with in your expression of the FLOW TO GOD

Please fill in the form below so I can send you the details of this procedure. Thanks for participating!!