IW 101

December 16, 2016 // 10 Comments

Now directly available, audio's of the Infinite Way 101. "A new beginning where we join and share what is given, and establish "on earth" what is already accomplished in Heaven". In Oneness we are present together as one. Wim is "opening his mouth" to share. [...]

AUDIO in new formats

November 28, 2016 // 2 Comments

From today on I will be uploading audio's directly to the server and you will be able to stream them on your devices right away, wherever you are connected to the internet. The audio's have a high audio quality. It is also possible to download them for your contemplation and study. [...]

FLOW TO GOD. An invitation

July 9, 2016 // 6 Comments

From today on we will be starting a new action: FLOW TO GOD We invite you to send in your expression. How do you demonstrate your FLOW TO GOD? This can be done in many different ways. Now the time has come to express yourself. This website is your platform. [...]