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The Mystical I (epilogue)

December 10, 2015 // 0 Comments

In the last couple of weeks we saw all the material that is available, regarding "the Mystical I", pass by for your convenience. This was a spontaneous project for me. But the experience for me was amazing and I hope it is or will be for you too. [...]

The Unveiling of God in You 1/4

December 10, 2015 // 0 Comments

The little child doesn’t need a god, because the little child is living in all of the innocence of being, of already being all that a child should be. Nothing need be added to the child, and it knows it. [...]

The Unveiling 4/5

December 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

It’s up to you. Abide in the word I. Let this I abide in you, and recognize Its identity. Never let anyone veil it for you again. That is why it has to be sacred, and that’s why it has to be secret. That is why, when I was given this mission, the final words given to me at my initiation were these: “Never seek a student, share freely with those who come to you.” [...]

The Unveiling 2/5

December 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

This is a teaching that cannot be taught; you cannot go out and proselyte. You cannot go to the corner of Hyde Park and get up on a stand and tell this to the crowds assembled, you cannot go into the churches and teach it, or the universities and teach it, because, the three-dimensional mind cannot receive it. [...]

The Unveiling 1/5

December 8, 2015 // 1 Comment

God is Spirit, and must be worshiped in Spirit and in truth. Spirit cannot be personalized. If God is Spirit, God is that Spirit which is in you. And it makes no difference if you are Jew or Gentile, if you are white or black, Oriental or Occidental; God is that Spirit in you, and that Spirit cannot be personalized. [...]

The Infinite Way Ministry (introduction)

December 8, 2015 // 0 Comments

Joel speaks to you in this ministerial talk. But it doesn't mean ministerial in the sense of establishment. No, Joel brings all it right back in your lap. Most of this talk will be about you and your meditation practice in relationship with situations you are in or the people or even the world around you... [...]

Temple Meditation (introduction)

September 30, 2015 // 2 Comments

Listen to that I that is deep within your own being, the I that is the Christ of your being, and be led of that Spirit. You’ll be surprised, one of these days, you’ll even see the hand reach up right through you, in you, as if to come out here into manifestation and place your glory in your experience and your activity into your hand from within you, not bring it to you from without. [...]