This is a report of the latest online class in the series: Other Dimensions of Experience.

In this class Wim introduces the simple and clear instructions of the Infinite Way how to enter into meditation. The book “The Government of Eden”, by Joel s. Goldsmith is used for this.

God is Perfect; God is Spirit; God is Life; God is the soul of individual being, God is all-true Being; God is the only Law

This becomes our opening “prayer”. Start with the word God.

Now this E.E.G. of creativity, what is that about? It is obvious that the ‘drive’ with which a researcher starts his investigation is a great passion. He or she wants to discover something for him/herself that will overwhelm him/her. That is the same with you in your transformation, in your awakening process. You know there is more to life than the human frame of reference. You caught an overwhelming glimpse of something “not-of-this-world”. You want to discover more, other dimensions of experience.

In the research referred to in the video below, the vision of the researcher is included in the teaching. Where does creativity take place in the brain, is the limited version. But to ask yourself: where does Creativity come from? And really expect an Answer is a great thing to do. What do I mean?

Watch the video below for more and read the pdf’s with excerpts from the articles, with references.

References and PDF’s of used writings:

“Sensitivity” by Pearl S. Buck , used in book “Wired to Create” by Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire

Where in the brain does creativity come from? Evidence from Jazz musicians, Drexel University, David S. Rosen et al, NeuroImage 2020, Dual process contributions to creativity in jazz-improvisations: an SPM-EEG study. 116632 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2020.116632

Embracing the Ultimate Unknown, by Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, in the blogs of Scientific American

Excerpt from The Art of Meditation by Joel S. Goldsmith, part II, Chapter 10