This is a report of the online healing class “Conscious Universe” by Wim. In this class cutting edge, mathematical philosophy from Munich University is helping us to discover how much is given us in our Infinite Way. Can there be a conscious universe? Can there be anything outside our consciousness?

Joel says [read more in the pdf below]: “Remember this, you cannot experience anything that does not enter your consciousness.  But, anything can enter your consciousness, unless you are standing there”. 

One of the discoveries in the class is the amazing gratitude you start to feel if you recognize how much is given in the conscious realization of direct Communication. I am so happy to connect in that with you.

The booklet that I prepared for this class is available as PDF for your own use. The content of it is the article “Why the universe might be conscious?” and a part of the talk by Joel S. Goldsmith “Nothing takes place outside your consciousness”.

Booklet “Conscious Universe” PDF