In the fifth class of the series “Other Dimensions of Experience” we start of with:

Let Thy Will be done in me, let Thy Wisdom rule me, let Thy Love flow through me that I may be wise, loving, benevolent and just. [ref.: p.198 The Government of Eden, Joel S. Goldsmith]

The study and meditation you have been doing were not for itself an activity. No, it was to have Christ vision come to you. To see that, on a moment by moment basis, there is only the Reality of Who you are. Not to change the world or to fix problems of humanity. No, to come to the realization that there is no opposite to Love and Perfection.

In this class we dive deep into this. Joel S. Goldsmith helps us to see what is the nature of perception, what is the earth, who are you. We use “Rising in Consciousness” and “Practicing the Presence”.

The latest developments possible for humanity, as the Rockefeller Foundation sees it, is looked at from a whole different perspective. How much hope is there for a better future, when humans try to solve their problems? In the mean time missing their one problem that is already solved: separation from God.

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, Rockefeller Foundation PDF

The parts used from Joel S. Goldsmiths books:

Rising in Consciousness page 149

Practicing the Presence page 125, 127 and 128

Creative Meditation 4: Realization Other Dimensions of Experience

  1. Creative Meditation 4: Realization
  2. Introduction to the authentic letters of Joel S. Goldsmith
  3. Creative Meditation 1: Preparing the Soil
  4. The One Alternative
  5. Algorithm of Justice