1952 Honolulu Class Series One
Tape 12 Side 2

The Thunder of Silence – continued
Joel S. Goldsmith
Part 1 of 5

This is Joel continuing the special class of seven students in Honolulu. On the other side of this tape, or rather on the other track you have a complete exposition of the letter of truth; of the truth which you must know in order to rightly understand the principle of existence.
You will find there that it is not only necessary to be absolute in knowing that “God is all”, but that you will only come into the understanding of “God is all” in proportion as you understand the nature of error as nothingness, as a suggestion, or claim, or appearance produced by a universal mesmerism, or hypnotism.
It is not a simple matter to have the correct letter of truth. It has not often been presented to the world, but you have it here on this tape, and if you ponder it, entertain it in consciousness, practice it, eventually you will come into the spirit of truth or actual consciousness of truth, or Christ consciousness, or God-consciousness.
Now, I bring to your attention the statement of Paul, I live, yet not I, Christ liveth in me. Very often you hear me refer to that as, I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life.
I ask you to remember this and to believe it: that there comes a point in your spiritual development when you are no longer entirely “you”, or perhaps I should say, you are not solely you.
The point of transition comes in which a presence becomes real within you and takes over your life. From the moment of this transition you do not really have to take any anxious concern for your life, because there is always this “It,” this Christ, this Presence, and “It” brings to you your experiences.
The point that I wish to make first is that there is this day of transition in your experience, when you pass from being a human being, thinking your own thoughts, planning your own life, arranging your own affairs; a transition to a place where you really and truly feel this inner Presence, and live as if you had stepped aside a little bit, say two or three inches to the right of yourself, and watch your life being lived for you. If you, at that moment, are in the business world, you will find business coming to you that you are not personally responsible for, that is, that you, yourself, did not go out and get.
If you are a salesman, you will find sales coming in, credited to your account, that you yourself did not spend time or effort to get. If you are an author or composer, you will find ideas flowing, such ideas as you have never dreamed of, and you will know you are not creating them, that is you, yourself; but that they are appearing to you within you.
In the same way, if you were in this spiritual work, in the ministry of healing or teaching, you would find students being led to you, or patients, or lecture engagements that you had made no personal effort to contact or to achieve. Thereby you would know what I mean when I say that: I live; yet not I, Christ lives my life, or Jesus said, The Father worketh, and I work hitherto. That is something of what I mean.
The point that comes to your mind at this moment—let us say that the question that is in your mind is this: What brings me to this point of transition? How do I get there? What must I do, if anything, to come to that point where a divine presence takes over and begins to live my life for me?
And here I bring you back to two of the major points in the unfoldment of The Infinite Way. Over and over you will find in the writings that unless one is born with a spiritual sense, this Christ consciousness, then one must attain it through knowing or understanding the correct letter of truth, not merely studying truth teachings, because much of this is incorrect, to say the least, but I repeat that it is necessary to know the correct letter of truth, to have an intellectual foundation of the knowledge of truth. And this intellectual understanding of truth continuously pondered, thought, meditated upon, lived, develops the spiritual consciousness that is the experience of the transition to the realization of this divine presence.
Now, understand me correctly. For those not already gifted with spiritual consciousness, for those who have not yet achieved that point of experience, in which there is a divine “something” within their own being, which goes before them to make the crooked places straight, that provides their need before even they, themselves, know it; those who have not yet achieved that transition or transitional point in consciousness must come there through an understanding of the correct letter of truth.
At this point of development, we become the vehicle for the operation and the activity of divine consciousness. When the Master says: I can of my own self do nothing. The Father within me He doeth the work; you will understand that he means that he of his own powers, his own knowledge, his own wisdom, his own strength does nothing, but that the Father within, that is, this infinite divine consciousness, this that Paul called the Christ, It doeth the works.
I, therefore, am a vehicle through which It takes place, or I am a messenger carrying this divine message, or I am the instrument used by divine Providence. Any of these terms will indicate to you that if I am not living my life, but that some other power or presence is living it, and I am the vehicle or mode of expression, avenue or channel or instrument for Its activity, then you will likewise understand why the Master could say, I and the Father are one, but the Father is greater than I.
Here again, you see, this is not a going back to duality. This is not going back to a God and a man, but this is revealing that I, Joel, am an instrument for I, God, but I, God and I, Joel, are one. I, God, being the infinite divine universal principle and Joel Its instrumentality, vehicle, body, mode of expression, form, instrument or outlet—and yet one.

End Part 1