Easter: The Rising Above All Material Ties

From – The Contemplative Life
By Joel Goldsmith
Page 61.

        That brings us to the Resurrection when, after having died to personal sense and having entombed that false sense of self, our true Self rises out of that tomb of the little self and walks this earth free: free and infinite, immortal and eternal, full of God-being. That is our Easter, our day of ascension, and we find that in our self-renunciation, as in our humility, we have stepped out of a tomb. We are walking the earth now, not full of personal possessions or personal virtues, but filled with the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of the Lord God Almighty which is upon us, and then we are ordained. Now that material sense has been thoroughly quenched, our real nature, our real being, can come to light.

        Paul envisioned this when he revealed to us the two men that we are, each one of us a dual being. We were born the man of earth, and that is what we remain until the crucifixion. That is what we remain as long as we are in the business of glorifying and building up self. But Paul tells us of that other Self which we are, that man who has his being in Christ, that spiritual man or divine Self. This is the man you and I are when we can say, “I can do all things through Christ.” Those are the magic words: “I can do all things through Christ, through the Spirit of God in me, through the presence of the Father within me.”

        Such a person is no more the man of earth. He is no more the man who claims that he is wise, holy, r spiritual. No, that man has been thoroughly crucified, and now we behold a man who recognizes, “By the grace of God, I can do anything—I can do all things through Christ.”

        Saul of Tarsus was thoroughly crucified. He not only went blind on the road to Damascus; he “died.” And out of that tomb stepped Paul, no longer Saul of Tarsus, but Paul: Paul, a man who had his being in Christ and who now lived by the grace of God, a man who traveled not only the Holy Lands, but Rome and Greece, wherever he would, by the grace of God, a man who set up seven churches and found that those seven churches could not support him or his missionary work, but they, looking to him, found that he could support all seven churches.

        By virtue of what? He had no gold mines or oil wells, but he had the grace of God; he had his being in Christ; he knew that “I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.” Therefore, he could relax and let this spirit of divine sonship be his bread, his meat, wine, water, and his resurrection and life eternal. When the transition has been made from that man of earth to that man who has his being in Christ, then we find the readiness for the ascension, the ascension which is a rising above every material tie.

        There is an indication of that in the passage that is in the beginning of every Infinite Way book and booklet: “Illumination dissolves all material ties and binds men together with the golden chains of spiritual understanding.” We do not have to be blood brothers and blood sisters; we do not even have to be brothers or sisters through nationality, or religious brothers and sisters, for we have a holier tie than any human relationship that has ever been conceived. There is a spiritual tie that unites us because we have risen above the belief that we have to be members of one particular human family, racial, religious, or national, in order to be united in a fellowship of love and understanding.

        For many years in The Infinite Way we have demonstrated that spiritually we really are of one household. All of you who have been a part of this work since the early days and in the years that have followed have seen in actual practice the most beautiful relationship that can be manifested on this earth, and that without a single tie of human relationship.

        With this in mind, do you not see that in the ascension we break every material law and find that man has his being in Christ? The spiritual son is fed from that same spiritual source from which our relationship has been fed and which has maintained us in this relationship through these years. There is no limit to the spiritual demonstration that we can make, except such limitation as we bring upon ourselves by not thoroughly crucifying that personal sense of self.






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